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November 17, 2020

How Allegheny County
Delivered Pennsylvania to Biden

While the national media has pointed to voters in Philadelphia or Pennsylvania’s small population centers, Allegheny County was crucial in putting Biden over the top.

   | November 12, 2020,
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The Upper St. Clair Democratic Committee meets every fourth Tuesday of the month. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our meetings will be held on Zoom until further notice. If you would like to be invited to an upcoming Zoom meeting, please email Our next meeting is schedule for Tuesday, November 24th at 7:00 pm.
Thank You Upper St. Clair. Your Vote Counted!
Despite the Republicans having over 1,500 more registered voters in the township, Democratic Presidential Nominee and now President-Elect Joe Biden carried the township by capturing 54% of the votes as compared to Trump’s 46%, making it the first time in over 50 years that the township went blue in a presidential election.
A lot can happen in four years. After the 2016 presidential election, a handful of USC Democrats attended a meeting at the USC Library in the hopes of revitalizing the township’s Democratic Party and turning the township blue in the next presidential election. It seemed like an impossible task, but for the past four years, we have met, strategized, called, texted, mailed letters, donated money and performed endless hours of work and the payoff was big: Donald Trump will be leaving the White House on January 20, 2021.
A special thanks to USC Democratic Committee Chair Mary Mcintyre and Vice Chair Jason Fincke and to all of the volunteers who made it happen. However, we cannot afford to celebrate too long as the fight continues. In order to stop Mitch McConnell’s obstructionism and win a Senate majority, Georgia Senate candidates Jon Ossoff and Ralphael Warnock must win in the Georgia January 5, 2021 runoff election. For more information about these races and how you can help, go to:
As you all know, Democrat candidates did not perform as well as was hoped in local and state elections, so our work continues. Please join us at our next Zoom committee meeting on Tuesday, November 24 at 7 pm. Please email Mary McIntyre at to receive an invitation to the meeting.
Upper St. Clair 2020 Presidential Election Results
Registered Voters: 16,508
Voted in 2020 Election: 13,376
Biden/Harris Votes: 7,171
Trump/Pence Votes: 6,205

Team Effort Pays Off
By Mary McIntyre and Jason Fincke
USC Democratic Committee Chair and Vice Chair
            It may take a village to raise a child, but on November 3, it took only a municipality (or two) to bring one down.  Thanks to an outstanding team effort led by members of the Upper St. Clair Democratic Committee, Upper St. Clair went blue for now President Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris.  It was reportedly the first time in more than 50 years and perhaps ever that a Democratic presidential candidate received the most votes cast in Upper St. Clair.
            The work to bring such an historic outcome did not come easy and did not happen overnight.  In fact, the work started more than four years ago when Donald Trump became a serious contender to become the nation’s 45th President.  While his campaign in 2016 and lack of decency stunned much of America, it also ignited a passion in many USC Democrats to develop and pursue a strategy to make sure he would only be a one-term President.
            Seemingly overnight, attendance at USC Democratic Committee meetings increased dramatically and USC wards and districts once vacant of Democratic committeemen and committeewomen suddenly became represented.  Over the past two years in particular, efforts were concentrated on getting Democrats registered to vote and involved in the voting process.
            Letters were distributed to all Democrats in the township and monthly committee meetings were a haven for new ideas to be generated and a sense of greater unity and purpose was developed.  Not every strategy was successful, but the results were apparent when United States Congressman Connor Lamb was elected in a special election in 2018 in a district which initially included Upper St. Clair.
            Seeing that its efforts were paying off and that Upper St. Clair was becoming bluer by the day, the committee expanded its outreach efforts to the township’s 2,000 registered Independents   A flier asking local residents if they had “Had Enough!” was mailed and delivered to Independents in every USC ward and district by a host of volunteers including a group of concerned senior citizens
            Others made phone calls, sent post cards, and delivered Biden/Harris yard signs to many Democrats and some Republicans who had witnessed nearly four years of a President who acted “above the law” and cared only for himself, often opposing members of his own cabinet who would dare to disagree with him.
            On November 3, some 30 Democratic poll watchers including mothers and daughters, husbands and wives had been organized to oversee voting at all eight USC voting locations.  Others acted as poll greeters and observers, standing outside polling locations throughout the day and night.
            While some local Democratic candidates were not elected, the overwhelming results for the Biden/Harris team speaks volumes for the moral fiber of Upper St. Clair and the work of USC Democratic Committee members  A special thank you goes out to all committee members, who gave countless hours of themselves to an election that would see nearly 1,000 more ballots cast in Upper St. Clair for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris than for the Trump/Pence ticket
            It is critical that this work continues and that the energy and enthusiasm that was generated in this last election be sustained and enhanced as we move forward to help Democratic candidates and values grow in Upper St. Clair.


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