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October 26, 2020
Seven More Days Until Election 
What You Need To Know.

If you have not mailed your mail in ballot yet and are worried that it will not get to the election office on time, you have a number of options:
As of now, the Supreme Court ruled that Pennsylvania must accept ballots until November 6th, with ballots having to be postmarked by November 3rd. However, with the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court yesterday, that ruling may be overturned in the next week. It is important that you have a plan to make certain your ballot gets counted. If you are still in possession of your mail in ballot, you can drop it off at the Allegheny County Election Office at:
Allegheny County - County Office Building
542 Forbes Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15219
​HOURS:  10/26-11/2: 8am - 8pm;
11/3: 7am - 8pm
You can only drop off your own ballot.
Or you can take your ballot to the polls on election day and give it to the poll worker who will invalidate it and allow you to vote in person as you normally would do. You must bring your mail in ballot with you.
Remember If for any reason you are told you cannot vote, ask for a provisional ballot. Your vote will not be counted on election day but will instead be returned to Elections and reviewed as part of the Return Board process. Once the board verifies that you cast no other vote in this election, the ballot will be opened, counted and added to the overall vote count.
Democrat Pollwatchers will be at each USC Polling location if you have questions.

Letter from USC resident

Are you a 401k Voter, then you need to read this.

Trump supporters who call themselves “401k voters” say he’s delivered stunning success, as measured by the true scorecard of capitalism, the stock market. Here are the facts: The Dow closed at 19,837 when Trump took office and 28,195 on 10/19/20. A 42% increase. Compare this with an equivalent time period for Obama/Biden (1/20/2009 to 10/19/2012), when the Dow soared from 7,949 to 13,343, a 62% increase. In Trump’s transactional terms, Joe Biden is the winner and Trump is the loser.

In addition, Forbes Magazine reports that the S&P 500 returned 182% for the full term of Obama/Biden, second only to the best post-WWII performance, under Democrat Bill Clinton (210%). They compare these record-setting results with a 118% return under Republican Ronald Regan, a loss of 20% under Richard Nixon, and the worst performance of all, when Republican George W. Bush delivered a stunning loss of 40%. To quote the Forbes analysis, “From 1952 through June 2020, annualized real stock market returns under Democrats have been 10.6% compared with 4.8% for Republicans.”

So, if you value your 401k plan, vote for Democratic candidates, including a proven stock market winner, Joe Biden.

Jay Lynch

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