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1/31/2019 Vol 2 Issue 01

PA 37th Senate District Special Election

Meet the Candidate - Pam Iovino

I was raised in a suburb of Pittsburgh, the youngest of three. Our household was lower-middle socio-economically, however, my parents never let me lose sight of the idea that if I tried my best and I got a good education, I could be anything I wanted to be. This idea led me to graduation from Gettysburg College, then pursuing a commission in the U.S. Navy -- graduating with distinction from Officer Candidate School, and eventually to earning a master’s degree from the Naval War College.

My 23-year career in the United States Navy, culminating in promotion to Captain, grounded me in a career of public service. After tours as a Missile Maintenance Officer, Manpower analyst, Network Warfare program manager, Commanding Officer assignments, and Congressional Liaison I retired from the Navy. My retirement was to assume the Senate-confirmed Presidential appointment as Assistant Secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

As Assistant Secretary, I was the Department’s lead advocate on Capitol Hill for our nation’s 25 million veterans and their families, protecting and improving their benefits. Most recently I served as the Director of Veterans Services for Allegheny County.

A career in public service, at the federal and local level, make me uniquely qualified to serve in Harrisburg. My life and my career have been dedicated to these pursuits and I am ready to work for people across our district. I’m tested — I was a Captain in the Navy, and I was confirmed by our friends across the aisle to be Assistant Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. I am ready to hit the ground running on day one as your State Senator. I will bring dignity, independence, and our shared values to Harrisburg because I believe deeply that this is what our families deserve.

Get Involved Now

There are only 61 days until the special election on April 2nd! Pam's campaign will be knocking doors every weekend from now until then. The voters that we will be talking to are the same voters that will be voting in the primary in May, so we would love for you to knock for both Pam and any local candidate (i.e. school board, commissioner, judge, etc.) you have in mind. We also have a virtual phone bank set up that you can use to make calls from home. Hosting a house party is a great way to introduce Pam to your neighbors, as well. Regardless of how you would like to be involved, fill out the form here ( and someone from the campaign will be in touch soon.
Postcards for Pam, Sundays at 3:00pm at the Panera at the Galleria.

What is the 37th Senate District

The 37th Senatorial District covers much of western Allegheny County and extends into Washington County to include Peters Township. Republican Guy Reschenthaler has held the seat since he won the Special Election in 2015.

Learn about the district

Government Shutdown

Jodi McClelland

On January 25th, the eve of the second missed paycheck for government employees and after a morning of airport delays and cancelled flights at major airports resulting from a shortage of air traffic controllers, a stopgap bill to reopen the government was passed, thus temporarily ending the 35-day government shutdown.  The longest shutdown in American history. 
The shutdown resulted when Congress and President Trump could not agree on an appropriations bill or pass a continuing resolution to fund the operations of the federal government for the 2019 fiscal year.  The impasse centered on a $5.7B demand by President Trump for a physical wall on the U.S. border with Mexico. 
Without an appropriations bill, federal government departments or agencies are prohibited from conducting non-essential operations.  As a result, nine government agencies and national parks employing approximately 800,000 employees were shut down (in part or full) impacting approximately one-fourth of government activities.  Federal employees were either furloughed or required to work without pay.  Congress is expected to vote to retroactively pay government employees, but that still means there is uncertainty about when paychecks will come next.
New analysis from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office projects that the federal government shutdown cost the economy $11 billion.   Damage to the economy will be mostly reversed as federal workers return to their jobs, but the CBO estimated $3 billion in economic activity is permanently lost.  The net result of the shutdown is anticipated to slow economic growth by nearly 1% (.8%).
Local Pennsylvania lawmakers praised the end to the shutdown. Representative Mike Doyle tweeted "Grateful to our federal employees who worked without pay throughout the #TrumpShutdown. Policy differences shouldn't be a reason to shut the government down - and this should never happen again. Now let's get back to our important work on behalf of the American people." Senator Bob Casey was quoted as saying “President Trump has finally agreed to end the shutdown he created and that is a victory for federal workers and the American people. It should not have taken 36 days of pain to our Nation’s workers and families for President Trump to accept the same agreement that was on the table when the shutdown began. Now with the government about to reopen, Democrats and Republicans can discuss ways to effectively secure the border instead of building a wall that security experts say won’t work.”
Fortunately, Pennsylvania is expected to fair better than most states as a result of the shutdown. Pennsylvania ranked as the 33rd most affected state, according to a report published by WalletHub.  Ranking were based on five key indicators:  Share of Federal Jobs, Federal Contract Dollars Per Capita, % of Families Receiving SNAP (Food Stamps), Real Estate as Percentage of Gross State Product, and Access to National Parks.
A 17-member bipartisan committee made up of lawmakers from both houses of Congress is set to meet for the first time Wednesday, January 30th to hash out a border security package that can pass both chambers of Congress while still meeting the president’s demands. Democrats have shown an openness to the idea of appropriating money to build fencing or a different kind of barrier along parts of the border, they have continued to reject Trump’s demands for a border wall. 
Trump continues to insinuate that if Congress fails to reach a deal, he would shut down the government again. "If we don't get a fair deal from Congress, the government will either shut down on Feb. 15, again, or I will use the powers afforded to me under the laws and Constitution of the United States to address this emergency," Trump said.

February Meeting

Back at the Old Rec. Center

The February Committee Meeting will be held at the Upper St. Clair McLaughlin Run Activity Center, Tuesday, 2/26, at 7:00pm.

Upper St. Clair Needs You

This fall, USC will elect four members to the USC Board of Commissioners and five members to the USC School Board. Are you interested in becoming a candidate?  If not, do you know of any Democrat who might be a strong voice for our community? Candidates must file paperwork by mid-March, therefore, there are only about 90 days left to declare.

The USC Board of Commissioners and the School Board oversee and approve expenditures of more than $20 million and $80 million of our tax dollars each year, respectively. On average, a commissioner or school board member spends a few hours per week performing board duties.

In 2017, Elise Logan became the first Democrat and first female USC Commissioner in more than ten years. You, too, could be an agent of change and a spokesperson for the Democratic party’s vision of a safe, environmentally friendly, and welcoming community.

The USC Democratic Committee has a team in place to guide and assist you through the primaries. Only a few hours of your time will be necessary to place your name on the May 2019 primary ballot.  If you are unopposed in the primary, then the campaign demands should be light; if opposed, you decide.  Campaigning in the general election will require a significant amount of personal time and effort; however, you will be assisted by a strong and effective group of volunteers. If you’re interested in becoming a USC Commissioner or a school board member and being a community voice for your family, friends and neighbors, please let us know.

Blues for Blues - The Blue Wave

Support the Mt. Lebanon Democratic Committee by joining their annual fundraiser - the 2019 Blues for Blues event, celebrating the Blue Wave!  Food and beer are included in the ticket price, plus there will be a raffle, door prizes, a cash bar, and plenty of great conversation.  Tickets are $30 each or $100 for a pack of four before  the event, or $35 each at the door.
Purchase Tickets

February Events


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