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TWiW|9.9.18 #37

This week we take a look at monads in JavaScript, how to avoid spaghetti A/B test code and Flow types for your generators and more!


Enjoy 🎉

Scoping A/B test code in React

Scoping A/B test code in React

By Katie Garcia
A/B testing allows us to experiment with different variants of a feature, this inevitably leads to long winding strands of logic, Katie Garcia explores a few approaches to improve this.

Basic monads in JavaScript

By Jason Rametta
Jason Rametta shares some common monads which can help code be easier to read, more maintainable and, most importantly, safer.

Flow types for generators and co-routines

By Pascal Bugnion
Generators in JavaScript have become more common since introducing the yield keyword, but there is little documentation in Flow to support it. Here are some examples so you can start using them too.


In this episode, Wes and Scott dive into the very big topic of accessibility, from the basics and easy wins to best practices, tools and resources.
Decentralising the web with Beaker

Decentralising the web with Beaker

JS Party
Feross discusses the decentralised web, why the average person should care about it, the Beaker browser and Dat.
@LeaVerou on Twitter


7:43 AM · Sep 3, 2018 from Napa, CA
6 years ago, I thought the shorter the code the better, no matter how cryptic it may seem to others. Now I realize that coding is communication. Not just with the machine, but primarily with other people, including your future self. Good code balances DRY with good communication.
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