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This Week in Web

29th July 2018 - #31

This week we take a look at the Web Beacon API, Chrome 68, which introduces cool new features and GitHub strip jQuery from their frontend!

Enjoy 🎊

Web Beacon API
The Beacon API is a lightweight and efficient way to log information from a web page back to a server. Find out how that can be used and what makes it so different from traditional Ajax techniques.

What's new in Chrome 68
Chrome 68 provides the Page Lifecycle API for you to detect when your tab has been suspended or restored, the Payment Handler API, "Not secure" message for unencrypted HTTP and lots of DevTools improvements.

Why I never use shallow rendering
Kent C. Dodds explains why he doesn't use Shallow Rendering in React.

GitHub finishes removing jQuery from its web frontend
And they've replaced it with no specific framework at all, just native APIs with the help of polyfills!

Notable Podcasts

JS Party Podcast

A11y is your ally

Suz, Safia, and Kball get together to talk about accessibility; what does it mean, why should we care and what tools and resources can we use to better educate ourselves and improve our work.

Listen here.

Software Engineering Daily Podcast

React Native at Airbnb with Gabriel Peal

In 2016, Airbnb started using React Native in a significant portion of their mobile codebase, recently they announced they will be going full native - Gabriel joins the show to give more detail on the decision.

Listen here.

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