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22nd July 2018 - #30

This week Pinterest, an early adopter of PWAs, share their thoughts, we take a look at the future of WebAssembly and the nine biggest mistakes people are making with CSS grid.

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Accessible images
The BBC shares its guidelines for designing animated images that are safe and accessible for all users.

The future of WebAssembly
WebAssembly has shipped in all four major browser engines, let's take a look at the WebAssembly roadmap and the features it might gain in the near future.

A one-year PWA retrospective
Pinterest was an early adopter of PWA, in this post they share a brief overview of their experience building one of the world's largest progressive web apps.

The nine biggest mistakes with CSS grid
It's easy to make lots of mistakes with a new technology. Take a look at nine of the biggest mistakes people are making in CSS grid, with advice and tips for avoiding them.

Notable Tweets

Great slide from @aprilwensel showing how we should shift the stereotypical tech culture to be more positive.

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