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TWiW|11.11.18 #46

This week we take a look at the ES6 proxy, Suspense API with Fetch and more!


Enjoy 🎉

The ES6 Proxy

The ES6 Proxy

Now that the ES6 Proxy is supported in mostly all mainstream browsers, it's a good time to explore the possibilities of its use.


By Gabe Ragland & Contributors
React Hooks is an alpha feature you can use (with caution) right now! useHooks provides one new recipe every day so you can get up to speed with the API and add state without writing a Class.
React Suspense with the Fetch API

React Suspense with Fetch API

By Charles Stover
There are few Fetch libraries compatible with this API, Charles Stover has built one and provided the inner workings of his fetch-suspense library.
JS Party - Come play in the CodeSandbox

Come play in the CodeSandbox

By JS Party
Nick talks with Ives van Hoorne about his project CodeSandbox. They chat about Ives deciding to work on it full-time, how CodeSandbox is built, some of its best features and what lies ahead.
@addyosmani on Twitter

@addyosmani on Twitter

By 7:39 AM · Nov 6, 2018
A Netflix web performance case study:

⚡️50% faster Time-to-Interactive (logged-out homepage)
- ✂️ JS libraries by 200KB
- Client-side React ➡️ vanilla JS
- React used server-side

⚡️ 30% faster subsequent navigations
- Prefetch React for sign-up process

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