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2nd September 2018 - #36

This week, the long wait for Babel 7 is over, we take a look at a new reactive programming React library, pseudo selectors and more.


Enjoy 🎊

Babel 7 released

2 years, 4k commits and over 50 pre-releases and we finally have the next version of Babel. Expect a faster transpile time and TypeScript support.

::before vs :before

In this article, Chris explains the difference between the double-colon and single-colon, how to decide between them and in which scenario you should be using them.


ReaKit is a toolkit for building interactive, composable and accessible UIs with React. With a simple API and WAI-ARIA compliant by default, it's definitely worth a try.


Refract aims to resolve React application side effects with the reactive programming paradigm. By isolating side effects you can write your code in a clear, pure and declarative fashion.

How WebAssembly influences existing JavaScript frameworks

WASM is not a replacement for JavaScript, they complement each other, so in a future where the two coexist, how will our use of the two evolve? Boyan explores this in a few interesting scenarios.

Notable Podcasts

Applying the magic of compilers to the frontend

Applying the magic of compilers to the frontend

KBall and Chad Hietala meet up at JSConf to talk about compilers for the frontend, Ember's binary opcodes, WebAssembly and the future of performance optimisation for the web.

Listen here.

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