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15th July 2018 - #29

This week we take a look at the malicious piece of code that attempted to spread itself via NPM, our knowledge on JSX is tested and we check out some of the best libraries for CSS in JS.

Enjoy 🎊

How to build an NPM worm
It was reported this week that eslint-scope had been compromised. A new version of the package was published with a malicious script that attempted to spread itself to other NPM authors, take a look at the worm, why it failed and how to avoid this happening again.

What's right with css-in-js
Some still consider CSS in JS absurd, design system advocate Micah Godbolt rebuts some common objections.

9 CSS in JS libraries you should know in 2018
Some of the best CSS in JavaScript libraries to use in your app.

What is JSX?
You might use it every day, but have you seen what happens after Babel transpiles it?

Notable Tweets

The DIV that looks different in every browser

The div that looks differently in every browser

via/ @Martijn_Cuppens

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Design Systems -

Scott and Wes talk about design systems, what they are, why you might want or need one, how to use them, efficiency, best practices and much more.

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JavaScript eating the world, desktop edition - JS Party Podcast

Kball and Feross talk with Shelley Vohr and Jeremy Apthorp about what Electron is, why to use it and what comes next for the platform.

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