Quarterly Newsletter of the Southeast Attack Squadron: southern chapter of the International Radio Controlled Model Warship Combat Club.
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Vol. 4 Issue 1: Fall 2020

So what happened to Summer 2020 issue?  Well unfortunately, the editorial team (currently a one-captain operation) had a bit too much going on this summer (remaining time had to go to personal warship preparation and organizing two fall battles - which went well considering the additional issues from COVID). It could also help to have input from other captains for articles, even if only to share a single ship modification that has helped, or to review some piece of hardware/technology being tried in a ship... or anything - just contact the editor using email address at the end of this issue


SAS Captain Alex Hampton can seen here posing with his DKM Scharnhorst at the Labor Day Leadfest battle in Statesboro, Ga. Alex's Scharnhost took impressive amounts of damage without sinking.
Well done Alex!  

2021 Rule Changes

by  Brian Koehler
The club vote results on the Annual Ballot were just released, just in time for the winter boat building/refitting season (If you're about to do anything around your props or rudder, WAIT and read below). For those who missed it or who are not on the IRCWCC email list, the results were: 
  • IRCWCC National Competition will be in Oakboro, NC (July 11th-16th)!
  • Tim Becket (Texas) will be the Contest Director.
  • Tom Palmer (Missouri) was elected to the IRCWCC Executive Board "Member At Large"
The Rules Proposals that were passed:

Rule Proposal #2020.2 - BC Class 6
Nothing really changed. It codifies battlecruisers greater than 40,000 tons to be classified as Class 6, 6 units (so HMS Hood no longer has to be a special exception). it still keeps with the practice of battlecruiser units being ½ unit less than a battleship of equal displacement.

Rule Proposal #2020.6 - Rudders
This rule changes the rudder area (in square inches) to equal the units of the ship! (2 sq in minimum) Most ships gain a little rudder area (6 unit and 3 unit ships stay the same) but the small Class 1 and 2 ships loose a little rudder area. The prior and new rudder areas are summarized below:
Units Previous Rudder NEW Rudder
8 6.00 8.00
7 6.00 7.00
6.5 6.00 6.50
6 6.00 6.00
5.5 4.50 5.50
5 4.50 5.00
4.5 3.75 4.50
4 3.75 4.00
3.5 3.00 3.50
3 3.00 3.00
2.5 2.63 2.50
2 2.63 2.00
1.5 2.25 2.00
1 2.25 2.00

Rule Proposal #2020.7 - Campaign Battles
Not really a change. "Technically" the option to have campaign battles at the annual National Competition is up to a vote the first day, but it has been a long-standing tradition to hold two campaign battles during the week. This rule codifies two campaign battles as an annual part of the National Competition (It does not affect regional battles).

Rule Proposal #2020.8 - Campaign Setup
This rule mostly clarified how to set-up campaign battles at the National Competition, to match common practice (such as the use of commercially available breakable bb targets, instead of specifying only small wooden dowels on magnets).  

Rule Proposal #2020.9 - Campaign Clarifications   
This was a loooong proposal. For the most part it clarified some of the campaign battle rules.  
  • Convoy ships may be warships not commonly used in fleet battles (carriers, subs, patrol craft, etc)
  • The 30 sec grace period for convoy ships just launched counts towards their 5 min runs, but not when checking ram damage (that pauses their 5 min runs)
  • Rammed convoy ships get a free run only if hull damage is done (simple bumps and collisions with a convoy, although they may be checked, do not automatically give it a free run)
  • Captains may start Campaign with either their primary warship or secondary warship (Class 1-3) and then switch ships if sunk or removed after 2/5min rule. They do not have to start with their primary warship.
  • Clarifies that ram-sinking a Convoy ship counts both as an automatic completed run for the convoy ship AND as a penalty against the ramming ship's captain.
But it did appear to make some changes:
  • Combat ships launched after the start of Campaign may now be launched from any location, not just from a forward or rear port (if this has been common practice, no one thought to inform this editor when he launched his ship at NATS - oops?).
  • Mossed warships (since campaign is a set length of time, much longer than a fleet battle sortie) that cannot make it to shore may not be fired upon (or fire at others) until a time out occurs or it is assisted to shore by teammates (but still counts as sunk if it sinks before getting to shore)
"Labor Day Leadfest" (Sept 2020)
The Labor Day Leadfest was our first SAS battle since the COVID pandemic began. It was a smaller event to "test the waters" . It was a lot of fun for those who could make it. You can see more photos from the weekend in the Labor Day Leadfest Album.

Brian Koehler and Alex Hampton quickly reload their ships (the HMS Queen Elizabeth and DKM Scharnhorst) for another sortie of combat.

Clark Ward poses with his HMS Invincible
(and it has superstructure!).


2020-21 Winter Refit Season 

by  Brian Koehler
The cold winter holidays are typically the time for doing major projects in this hobby: make improvements before the next battle season starts, build that new ship you've been thinking about, etc.

So what are our Southeast Attack Squadron captains working on this winter?
A quick survey was se
nt out on the SAS email list to ask just that very question. So if you were wondering what the new battle season will bring (which kicks-off Feb 27 with the February Fracas in Statesboro, GA), below is a summary of the responses received
  • about half (46%) of our responding SAS captains indicated they were just planning to patch up their current ships and send it back out to battle again next season
  • But we can expect some new silhouettes on the water this spring!  The same number (46%) of our responding captains indicated they were working on completely new builds!
  • And one returning captain indicated he would be pulling an old ship out of mothballs and refitting it for action this year (and actually, the editor knows of at least one other doing the same but who did not respond to our survey).
So, what are YOU going to work on this Winter!
"End of Year Clash" (Nov 2020)
The DKM Scharnhorst (Alex Hampton) and HMS Queen Elizabeth (Brian Koehler) can be seen exchanging fire in the rear, while the two HMS Invincibles (Clark Ward) and the USS Juno (Wes Hawkins) head out to hunt the two German predreads (SMS Schlesien and SMS Schleswig-Holstein).

From the Forums

by  Chris Koehler
Hello again, Captains! Welcome back to From the Forums, where we summarize a few of the most interesting recent discussions from the R/C Warship Combat Forums. If you’ve never heard of the RCWC Forums, then you’re missing out! The forums host all manner of discussions about every imaginable topic related to R/C boats. Fast gun, big gun, and even non-combat models are all included. Here’s a few of the highlights:

Live Workshop in Discord
    User McSpuds (of Spudswerk Shipyard) operates an online community for model warship discussion on Discord. Recently, he has started hosting an almost-daily afternoon workshop livestream. This awesome, COVID-safe version of a build session is a great opportunity to share progress and discuss builds with other captains. Use this open invite link to join for free!

HMS Roberts Refit
SMS Baden Build
SMS Scharnhorst Build

    It’s winter, which means it’s time for builds, refits, and other major projects. These are a few of the best build progress threads from this season. They include lots of pictures and great discussion of construction techniques and warship technology.  Some of the comments (like what size motors have worked in other ships at other voltages) can be helpful even if you are not building one of these specific warships. Go check out the links to see 2021’s upcoming new warships!

USS Skipjack Sub Build
IJN I-400 Sub Build

    This year’s builds also include a ship type that isn’t commonly seen - submarines! Sub builds are often fascinating due to the unique constraints, and these are no exception. Subs require extra components for the dive system while also being extremely space-constricted. While neither of these models is built for the IRCWCC ruleset, the builds are still very impressive and showcase unique construction techniques. The Skipjack is a free-flooding model, meaning that the hull will be filled with water during normal operation. All components are individually waterproofed like a combat warship, unlike traditional sub builds. The I-400 crams no less than four functional big-gun cannons into the bow. Very impressive!
Thanks for reading! That’s all for this year, but stay tuned next issue for more updates on the most recent ideas and tips from the RC Warship Combat Forums!
The HMS Invincible (Clark Ward) does eventually catch and engage one of the German predreds, the SMS Schlesien (Carl Bitondo). In the background is the DKM Scharnhorst and SMS Schleswig-Holstein.
Carl Bitondo poses with his German pre-dreadnought, SMS Schlesien (even damaged like this you can see it is a beautifully built ship).

After the final battle of the weekend, both SMS Schlesien and SMS Schleswig-Holstein (identical predreds) were both still afloat, so they decided to engage each other and determine exactly whose was the tougher ship. Who won?
-- we don't know, the captains are identical as well (twin brothers, lol)

Who Will Be The First to SINK?
The full photo album from our "End of Year Clash" can be found HERE.


Well, at least one advantage of this hobby is that we are outside in the sun (which COVID does not like). A decent schedule was managed last year once enough was known about COVID to allow for a few basic safety measures. Hopefully we can continue to operate a fun but safe season this coming year.
Feb 27 - Mar 1, 2021
February Fracas '21  (SAS)
future Fred Fletcher Memorial Park (Statesboro, GA)
Contact host: Brian Koehler

April, 2021
Tentative plans are to hold a regional battle in Oakboro, NC. 
(More details to come)

May 29 - 31, 2021
May Madness '21  (SAS)
future Fred Fletcher Memorial Park (Statesboro, GA)
Contact host: Brian Koehler

July 11-16, 2021
National Competition 2021 (IRCWCC)
Oakboro District park (Oakboro, NC)
Contact host: Rob Stalnaker

Remember to renew your 2020 NAMBA club membership!
(required for insurance to participate in battles)
Respectfully Submitted:
Brian Koehler (editor)
Labor Day Leadfest (Statesboro, GA) 2014
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