Quarterly Newsletter of the Southeast Attack Squadron: southern chapter of the International Radio Controlled Model Warship Combat Club.
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Vol. 5 Issue 2: Winter 2022

Welcome to 2022 Captains!  Feeling a little nostalgic? Wonder about the early days of our hobby and how anyone got this crazy activity working?  Then read on. This issue is for you!


The editor clearly enjoyed getting out with captains at the 2022 inaugural battle this month. More battle highlights can be found in the February Fracas battle report.

Naval Guns of R/C Combat!

(reproduced by permission of author, Stan Watkins)
Interested in the history of our hobby?
Stan Watkins is THE founding father of our hobby (one of the original three members of our club).  Among a collection of  parts and hulls recently given to the editor by veteran captain Rick King (Sanford, FL) to help new captains with their builds, was a surprise find that I did not know existed and is now a treasure of my collection: a publication on the history and development of our hobby from the first initial sinking of plastic models using land-launched bottle rockets, through the development of gas-powered "miniguns" and the very first sinking of a model warship by bb's fired from another model warship!

It appears to have been originally produced in 1996 and revised in 2000.  For those interested in such stories and history, with permission from Stan the entire book was scanned and can now be accessed by clicking on the link below:
(note: it's a fairly large file so be patient)
I found it a very fascinating read, and appreciate how those early captains shared their discoveries and worked together on improvements just to make it easy for others to get into the hobby (we still do that today).  Enjoy the read, and then get to work on those ships.
  Let's battle!
PS: Rumor has it there is a forthcoming museum dedicated to the history of R/C warship combat in a new multi-car garage a certain Founding Father just built. Stay tuned for more on that if the editor can score a tour :-).

BATTLE REPORT: "February Fracas 2022"

by Brian Koehler
(Statesboro, GA)  In the "warm south seas" of southern Georgia, the annual "kick off the battle season" event of the Southeast Attack Squadron took place Feb 11-13.  Attending were the usual local captains, as well as some new captains and several new ships (and some of our northern captains who fled their inhospitably cold northern seas).

The battles were slow to get started as no one was in a hurry (with the newly finished ships that came to battle, a little extra time was allotted to help those captains check all their systems and do a little last-minute work). Since it was warming up quickly, no one minded the delay.  Everyone also wanted to allow time to greet our newest captain, Sam Kostine (Jacksonville, FL), who showed up with his father and partly-finished cruiser he is building.

A quick "warm-up" battle was finally commenced with those who were ready:
IJN Kongo (Kevin Plumer)
HMS Invincible (Amanda)

HMS Dreadnought (Alex Hampton)
FRN Jean Bart (Will Tustin)
SMS Scharnhorst (Brian Koehler)

As is often the case with so many newly-built/refit ships there were a number of sinks in this "shake down" battle as systems were finally put through actual battle conditions...
(although not Kevin - no surprise there: he was probably doing most of the damage!)


By afternoon Nate Armstrong had is newly rebuilt SMS Wurttemberg (a Baden class DN) ready to go, and we gained Sam Durham (still building his SMS Nassau, so today borrowing HMS Indefatigable from Clark Ward).  Saturday we also added Chris Grossaint as he arrived up from Florida:
     SMS Wurttemberg (Nate Armstrong)
     HMS Indefatigable (Sam Durham)
     HMS Fiji (Chris Grossaint)

While specific details get fuzzy to recall (darn this aging editor's mind.. need some of the younger captains to write up the battle reports), there are a few highlight photos posted below:
You can see the full photo album inthe SAS photo album:
February Fracas 2022

New Club "Hangout" on Discord

by Will Tustin
The "R/C Model Warship Combat" Discord channel is a place for the friendly discussion of model warship combat, historical ships, and general chat related to the hobby. There is a pictures thread for sharing hobby-related pictures, and a voice/video chat area for live hangouts. The voice chat system also supports screen sharing and can be used for multiple purposes, and has already been used by captains for instructional build sessions and 3D modelling lessons.

If you have Discord installed on your computer or phone, the link below should connect you with our new channel:

[editor's note: I was able to sit in on one of the screen-sharing chats going over lifting 3D plans from printed 2D plans. There has also been wonderful sharing/tutorials on things like pump screens, props, and more... expect some future 'Tech Tip" articles in the newsletter to come from these!]

Restored Photo Albums!

A notice from the Webmaster
In moving to the new website server, it was discovered that many of the photo links to older battles no longer worked (they apparently had been stored on an off-site account that is now closed). Fortunately a chest of back-up CD's was located (sometimes it's good to be a pack-rat) and photos from all the missing events were uploaded to the new account, and links to view them were added to the new SAS website. There are now photo's going back to 2002, just after Stan Watkins revised his publication on the early history of the club.

Below is a list of the events now added to the SAS photo album archive:

(click on any event to view that album)
Labor Day Leadfest 2009 (Savannah, GA)
Brouhaha on Bayou Mar 2009 (Boutte, LA)
Ghosts of Savannah 2008 (Savannah, GA)
February Fracas 2008 (Sanford, FL)
Turkey Shoot 2007 (Sanford FL)
Ghosts of Savannah 2007 (Savannah, GA)
February Furball 2007 (Sanford FL)
Turkey Shoot 2006 (Sanford FL)
April Ambush 2006 (Savannah, GA)
March Mini-Match 2006 (Sanford, FL)
Turkey Shoot 2005 (Sanford, FL)
August Armada 2005 (Sanford, FL)
May MADNESS 2005 (Sanford, FL)
Tax Day Blowout 2005 (Savannah, GA)
Clash at Cocoa 2004 (Cocoa, FL)
February Furball 2005 (Sanford, FL)
Ghosts of Savannah 2003 (Savannah, GA)
Salad Shooter 2002 (Atlanta, GA)
February Furball 2002 (Cocoa, FL)
Nationals 2002 (Houston, TX)

Veterans can click on the links above and take a trip down memory lane. For captains new to our hobby, you will find pictures of ship internal systems (see how they have changed!) and lots of smiling faces showing how much fun we have together in this hobby.


If you are wanting to show friends or perspective new captains what it is we do, or want to see photos from battles the other captains are up to, the SAS website has a rather extensive photo album from most of the previous southeastern battles. There are multiple ways to navigate to these photo pages:
  • Going back to the Sign Up page - after an event and the photos are posted, the host can add a link that will insert itself at the top of the signup page for that event.
  • On the Event list page - on the "past events" listing (battles back to 2015) there is a small camera icon link next to events with a posted photo album (just click that icon).
  • Use the PHOTOS link on the NAV menu - this will take you to a page that will list all events, grouped by year. which have had links to online photo albums added after the event (even those before 2015).
If you have photos: just a note for captains attending future battles. If you have photos after an event you would like to add, just contact the SAS web admin (the albums can be shared so multiple captains can contribute photos)


Below are listed the dates and locations of known battles in our region (as well we the club's summer National Competition so our captains can make plans). Next year looks to be shaping up to a fun-packed battle season in the southeast!
March 12, 2022
One Day Build & Battle  (SAS)
future Fred Fletcher Memorial Park (Statesboro, GA)
Contact host: Brian Koehler

April 1-3, 2022
Battle of Greenbrier Gulf (SAS)
Greenbrier State Park (Boonsboro, MD) 
Contact host: Steve Andrews

May 28 - 30, 2022
May Madness '22  (SAS)
future Fred Fletcher Memorial Park (Statesboro, GA)
Contact host: Brian Koehler

July 11-16, 2022
National Competition 2021 (IRCWCC)
 (Saranac, MI)
Contact host: Craig Singer

September 3-5, 2022
Annual Labor Day Leadfest (tentative)
future Fred Fletcher Memorial Park (Statesboro, GA)
(more details coming)
Remember: the broader nation-wide battle schedule with additional battle opportunities can be found on the
IRCWCC EventBrite Page

Remember to renew your 2022 NAMBA and IRCWCC club memberships!
(required for insurance to participate in battles)
Remember that IRCWCC also requires you to renew your annual membership in the North American Model Boat Association.  NAMBA provides the insurance necessary for us to enjoy our hobby.  So if you haven't done so already then it's time to renew that membership.

Respectfully Submitted:
Brian Koehler (editor)
Long ago (although not in a galaxy far, far away) there was an interesting design to make a cannon magazine capable of fitting into small spaces or even to mount in a rotating turret
-- most cannons at the time were straight tube magazines (BC coil mags were another solution).
Known as "muffin mags" for their short, round appearance, they were made from a copper pipe end cap with a copper plug inserted into it.  BB's were loaded into the magazine this via a flare fitting soldered on top of the end plug with a 1/4" hole drilled through it.

When the cannon was fired, excess gas from the tee was routed into the magazine through the small 1/8" brass tube drilled through the side at the bottom
Looking inside, you can see the 1/4" copper tube drilled through the side at the bottom of the end cap. Notice the excess brazing material (grey) built up around it?
The design relied on gas, entering through the small brass tube at the bottom, to push-spin bb's around the bottom curve of the end cap to roll into the 1/4" copper pipe (and then into the tee to be fired)

They were a little tricky to mount as they worked mainly within a limited range of tilt/angle.
(This disassembled muffin mag was provided by Bart Purvis for educational purposes)
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