Monthly Newsletter | November 2022

Each month Yolo Commute sends a newsletter to its members with useful information about commuting and transportation. This month’s newsletter focuses on our Emergency Ride Home program.

Emergency Ride Home:
A Commuter's Life Line

For many people, switching from driving alone to work to another transportation option such as the bus, train, carpooling, or bicycling is a major psychological obstacle. Working parents often state a need for immediate transportation access during the day to pick up a sick child at school or to quickly take children to after-school programs.

Other workers may have an occasional need to work overtime or stay in the office later than usual. Whatever the reason, many workers have indicated access to a car for unpredictable events heavily factors into their decision to drive alone to work. However, what if a program could provide you with emergency access to transportation when needed? These programs actually exist!

What is ERH?

ERH programs provide an occasional subsidized ride to commuters who use alternative modes, for example, if a bus rider must return home in an emergency, or a car pooler must stay at work later than expected. Studies have shown that almost 60% of alternative transportation commuters consider ERH programs important in their decision to not drive alone.

Free Service!

Did you know that this “lifeline” program is available to you NOW – for free – as part of your employer’s Yolo Commute membership? That’s right, Yolo Commute will reimburse your personal costs for a rideshare service such as Uber, Lyft, or Via, a taxicab, or even a rental car if your commute is over 20 miles. You can use this benefit up to five times a year for up to $50 each trip.

Keep Some Things In Mind

Of course, there’s a catch. As an employee, you’ll agree to not drive alone to work for at least 60 percent of your work week. But that makes sense, right? Because you wouldn’t need Emergency Ride Home program if you were driving alone to work! Talk to your Yolo Commute employer liaison to learn more.

Yolo Commute’s ERH and incentives programs makes the switch from driving alone to another mode of transportation easier. 
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