Monthly Newsletter | October 2022

Each month Yolo Commute sends a newsletter to its members with useful information about commuting and transportation. This month’s newsletter focuses on Yolo Commute’s E-Bike Loan Program. 

E-Bike Loan Program

Yolo Commute is excited to announce the launch of our E-Bike Loan Program! This new, free, value-added program enables our member organizations to borrow electric-assist bicycles for their employees to “try before they buy” either for commute-to-work trips or for intra-work trips or to motivate member employers to purchase a fleet for intra-work trips. The Yolo Commute fleet consists of:

  • Two (2) Specialized Turbo Como electric-assist bicycles
  • One (1) Yuba Kombi E5 electric-assist cargo bicycle

The cargo bicycle even includes for children two cushioned seats, grab handles, and footboards so parents can try the “school drop-off and pick-up” by bicycle before and after work.

Why E-Bikes?

Quite simply, e-bikes are faster than regular bicycles, require minimal effort to ride, and are more sustainable than single-occupant vehicles. Most importantly, they are fun!

Still Not Convinced?

An Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC) study concluded that 65% of respondents purchase e-bikes to replace car trips while a UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies study discovered that 35% of e-bikeshare trips substituted for car trips. Moreover, the OTREC study found that 60% of respondents felt safer riding an e-bike compared to a traditional bike. In summary, e-bikes are a significantly different experience than regular bicycles with real potential to replace car trips.

Try before you buy! 

A significant barrier to e-bike usage is the opportunity to ride and experience them before buying. Anecdotal and empirical evidence support that after experiencing an e-bike, people have favorable opinions and greater interest in purchasing one. Yolo Commute sees casual, low-pressure access to an e-bike through our E-Bike Loan Program as critical for our members to embrace more sustainable transportation both in the workplace for intra-work trips and personal commuting.  

Ready Right Now to Purchase an E-Bike?

If you are, watch for The California Air Resources Board’s upcoming release of an Electric Bicycle Incentives Program in the first quarter of 2023. Income-qualified applicants will be eligible for vouchers up to $750 for a regular e-bike and up to $1,500 for cargo or adaptive e-bike!

How does the E-Bike Loan Program work? 

It’s easy, contact your Yolo Commute Employer Liaison and have them request a bike from us. Yolo Commute will coordinate with the liaison to bring the bicycle to your workplace (or residential development, if applicable). 

Not a Yolo Commute member?

If your employer is based in Yolo County and not a Yolo Commute member, ask them to join so you can take advantage of Yolo Commute’s other benefits as well including our Rideshare Incentive Program, Emergency Ride Home Program, and Cycling Savvy Bicycle Education Program, all of which are free to members. Share with your colleagues at other Yolo County employers and encourage them to join!   
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