Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from North Wing

Please note that the North Wing office will be closed for the holidays, from December 23 until January 4. Thank you for your business in 2022, and we look forward to a great year to come!

New aircraft from North Wing! 2022 has been a busy year for design and manufacturing: we finished flight tests for the new Discovery 207 light trike wing, added a quiet and powerful Electric Engine option with folding prop for the ATF light soaring trike, and refined design of the new Ascender nano-trike! Along the way, we introduced the new weight-saving lithium EarthX battery as an option, added more Tubing sizes, and are carrying Helmets, Intercoms and Accessories from MicroAvionics at our online store at

ATF Light Soaring Trike powered by new, quiet and powerful Electric engine.

Video of the new, quiet and powerful Electric Engine option for the ATF Light Soaring Trike

Electric ATF Light Soaring Trike by NorthWing and Silent Electrics

Save $$$ until end of December - FREE FREIGHT on new Trike Wing orders!

…and 10% Off Trike Wing and Hang Glider Sail Replacements.

…also, save 5% on a new in-stock ATF Soaring Trike

and FREE Shipping on a new in-stock Freedom 170 Hang Glider, if purchased in December. Available in-stock hang gliders also qualify for Free Shipping in December.

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Find a North Wing Dealer - Hang Gliders and Soaring Trikes

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Hang Glider Pilots - if you need replacement Wills Wing -style downtubes, please check with us, we likely have some replacements for you.

We can provide Lightstream and round down tubes and base tubes.

Also, if you need new cables for your Wills Wing glider, we can make them for you.

A very popular item for trike pilots - the new MAX GRIPS, more comfort and control.

THANKS for reading, and your interest in North Wing light aviation products!