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Lent is gone Easter has come.  New seasons are a great time to try something new for a while.   During this Easter season I invite you to try out this daily devotional that can come right to your inbox with an option to listen as well as read.   It's been a devotional that's brought a lot of reflection and challenge into my life and I hope it will do the same for you as we grow closer to Jesus everyday.  ~Pastor Sarah

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Seedbed Daily Text  April 14: If “To Die Is Gain,” What’s the Point of Staying Alive?

Prayer Requests

We join our hearts in prayer for our world, for our church, for one another. You're invited to be in prayer for the ministry we share at Clover Hill as we continue to find new ways to reach out in God's love. 

  • Ronnie Holsinger - prayers as he recovers from back surgery Tuesday
  • Roger Riggleman- continued prayers for his recovery from heart surgery Monday
  • Family of Bill Gangwer who passed on Saturday
  • Libby Lee - at VMRC recovering from procedure with her gall bladder
  • Hunter Harris (son-in-law of Judy Swope recovering from recent horse riding accident)
  • Carole Thacker (recovering at Bridgewater Home from a recent fall)
  • Penny Nesselrodt (Kathy Grim’s mother healing from recent fall)
  • Fae Layman
  • John Bennington- Jr. Ritchie's brother-in-law receiving treatment for brain tumor
  • Andy Moyers- at home would appreciate visitors
  • John Raimer (NC Mission contact battling prostate cancer)
  • Sandy Rohrer
  • Robert Riggleman (brother of Roger Riggleman)
  • Zach Simmons (son of Revlan Hill – awaiting kidney transplant)
  • Hester and Chester Williams
  • Peggy Wimer
  • Prayers for our congregation. our nation, our local community.
Members of our Church in Nursing Homes
  • Frances Morris - at White Birch Communities (847 Oakwood Dr, Rockingham, VA 22801)
  • Lottie Ritchie - at Life Care Center (315 E Lee Hwy, New Market, VA 22844)

Coming Up

PRAYER GROUP - meeting this Thursday @ 6:30pm
Prayer group will resume meeting at 6:30pm on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays  of each month. Whether you are new to prayer or an experience pray-er  you're invited to come pray with us!   Next prayer group meeting April 15th at 6:30pm in the sanctuary.

If you are currently not a part of a GROW group or would like to be a leader of a new GROW group contact Pastor Sarah.

We have a few folks in our congregation who could use a little extra support  (like up coming help with rides to physical therapy, regular visits/check ins, etc).  If you have some extra time and would be willing to help care for members of our church family contact Pastor Sarah (540-209-7409).  


Other Resources & Info

We have returned to offering In Person worship in the sanctuary.  We will continue to offer Drive-In and Online worship as well.   If you plan to attend worship in person you must:
  • Assess your health before coming (do you have a fever, symptoms of COVID)
  • Be able to answer questions on your health/COVID exposure as you enter
  • Wear a mask  (new evidence is encouraging double masking)
  • Maintain 6ft physical distancing from others at all times (except members of your household)
Please make the best decision for your health and the health of others when deciding how you will worship with the Body of Christ each Sunday.  


Dear Clover Hill Church Family;
I wanted to take some time to reach out to everyone about the state of our church.  As our vision is to Seek, Serve, Share…I suppose this falls under the sharing portion ☺.  It has been a tough year for us not only as individuals but also as a church family and I know you all get it.  It has been very hard to stay connected over the last year, and I think we are all ready to get back together as a family.
I also wanted to share where we stand as it pertains to our financial health…my assessment is we are doing well and we have GOD to thank for his blessings.  “Praise Be to GOD”
Our current bank balance stands at $24,029.35 (all district Apportionments are paid thru the end of the year and all Conference apportionments are paid thru April)
Our Sr. High bank account is going to be rolled into the “Rebuilding Hope” fund. $860.00
Our Church Building Fund stands at a balance of 28,506.49.
Through this entire past year we are not only solvent, but doing very well as compared to other times during the past.
This brings me to the meat and potatoes of the letter…as a church group of trustees and really anyone who wanted to be involved or anyone that had a gift for project work we sat down in February of 2020 and started brainstorming a list of what may be needed to keep our church property in relatively good repair.  I have attached that list to the end of this letter, but before we jump ahead to look at that list I think we need to take a minute to realize where we have been.
In my lifetime we had church leaders (many not with us here on earth, but in heaven) that believed in the Lord and our community to go out on a limb and not only build a new church, but some years later add an addition that has brought much glory to GOD with all of the activities held on the premises.  In August of 2016 we enjoyed a note burning to be debt free and own the facilities.  Since then we have also done many property updates as needed and as guided by our trustees at the particular given point in time.  Some of these projects were larger in dollar value than others, but none the less were needed.  This project list is certainly not all inclusive but here are a few:  Parsonage Roof replaced with a metal roof (estimated to last 50 years), Parsonage utilities replaced with a gas furnace and heat pump, Church AC/Heat Pump Units replaced in July 2017, the mower building door replaced, sound system upgraded, FM transmitter for car services, mower replaced, and others I am likely forgetting. 
Our current trustees and project members want to move forward with some needed projects and would like input from the church…I was pulled aside at Easter Service to be told that some of our church family are not on board with some of the projects, and some want more information about these projects.  I urge you to reach out, get involved, play “devil’s advocate” of why we should or shouldn’t or when we should or shouldn’t work on our church property.  We have a council meeting in May on the 11th at 7 PM…please if you have ideas or advice please plan to attend or feel free to reach out to myself and I can share your thoughts.
I truly believe that knowing all the facts and circumstances about projects and cost and timelines are important to make rational decisions.  The list of projects on the last page were put together with advice from contractors that know their business... (i.e. the actual shingles on the roof have another 10+ years of life and then we are looking at a decision of re-shingle or go metal for a today’s cost of $50-$100K), we know parking lots are expensive…do we go another few years before pricing that again…do we move forward with the interior ceiling and drywall in the sanctuary…do we do nothing and watch our property gradually deteriorate?  Those are the questions in front of our church family, and I realize we likely won’t all agree, but we should all have a voice and be able to discuss, decide, and then ultimately support the decisions.
At the end of the day we all love and care about each other and we all pray to GOD for guidance and wisdom in being good stewards of ultimately what GOD allows us to oversee.
Grant Martin
Top Projects: (in the next 2 years)
(we are getting quotes on how much these will cost)
  • Ceiling in the Sanctuary (cracks repaired and popcorn ceiling removed) (estimate $12,500)
  • Parking Lot (repaving, painting lines) ($50,000 roughly to mill out cracks and a layer over top with lines) (also discussion on redoing the entire job as cracks would come back quickly…i.e. Woodmen of the World building)
  • Gutter issues near men’s bathroom – trustees to move on this ~$700
Other Projects (in < 2 yr., 3-5 yr., 5-10 yr., 10+ yr.)
(some of these we will be able to handle with our current budget and volunteer help, some will require professional help)
Church Building:
< 2 year
  • Carpet in Sanctuary Clean – may be best to do after ceiling replacement
  • Paint for the main entry Door and siding – volunteer church members
  • Repaint office wall-damaged by mold – volunteer church members
  • Better lighting on the cross outside and perhaps for the parking lot as well – completed on cross
  • Purchase a lift for fellowship hall
  • Replace church laptop
  • Paint/stain on the tractor shed and pavilion – volunteer church members
  • Convert one of classrooms downstairs with shelves for storage – volunteer church members
3-5 year
  • Grease trap in kitchen floor
  • Remodel old kitchen to make it more user friendly for kids/children’s church
5-10 year
  • Correct heating in the Kitchen
10+ year
  • Roof replaced (10-20 years) continue replacing wind damage as there is several years of life in shingles at which time we can decide on shingle or metal (estimate currently $50,000/$100,000 respectively)
Parsonage: (did not discuss timing on these)
  • Replace outdated appliances (dishwasher, refrigerator)
  • Replace carpet in Family Room
  • Remodel/updating kitchen
  • Storage Building
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