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Welcome to the new Colorado Impaired Driving Newsletter.  We are pleased to expand the newsletter to include all Impaired Driving Professionals.  This resource will provide training information, interesting news stories, drug and alcohol trends, legal updates, toxicology, relative links and more!
The CDOT Highway Safety Office thanks the Colorado DRE's, SFST Instructors, Colorado District Attorneys' Council (CDAC), Colorado Bureau of Investigation (CBI), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and Mother's Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for their ongoing contributions.
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Join the 2nd Annual WALK LIKE MADD- Colorado DRE/SFST Team!

I don't need to remind you of the devastating effects that Impaired Driving has on our community.  We have all dedicated our lives to stopping this senselessness from continuing.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving is our greatest advocate when it comes to ending Impaired Driving.
This year has been a challenge to everyone.  I don't know of anyone who hasn't been pushed farther and harder than before.  MADD has not been immune to these challenges.
MADD is in need now more than ever for our support.  Please commit to one (or both) of the following choices-

2.  Make a Donation

We will be Walking Like MADD for our 2nd year!  Please join us virtually on August 1st in Colorado Springs.  To join TEAM Colorado DRE/SFST click here-

If joining the team isn't for you, no worries.  Please consider donating.  I'm not asking for you to make your donation painful, just make it count.  I've set the goal for this year at $2500.  If every Colorado DRE and SFST Instructor donated a cup of coffee ($5) we would double this amount with our eyes closed.  Please donate here today- or click on the link below.

My last request.  Please share this information with your friends and family.  Post on your social media.  Let's show our community that Walk Like MADD is important.

Make a Donation!
Make a Donation!
Thank you!
DRE Certification Nights @ DPD
No Certification Nights are scheduled at this time.  Stay tuned for reschedule dates and times.
Colorado SFST and DRE State Coordinator, Kimberly Ferber, has approved the following temporary update training procedures.
UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, SFST Instructors and DRE's may participate in online (video) training programs provided by the Colorado District Attorneys' Council.  
Certificates will be emailed to you upon completion of the training.  
Toxicology – Milestones…
Submitted by Colorado Bureau of Investigation Toxicology Laboratory

On July 1, 2020, the CBI toxicology program achieved their 5-year anniversary. Taking a look back, in July 2013, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) suspended and eventually closed their toxicology program, which left a void for forensic toxicology services in the state of Colorado. On July 1, 2015, with the authority from the Colorado legislation (2014), CBI began to offer toxicology services on a fee-for-service basis for human performance (including drug facilitated crimes) and postmortem toxicology to all law enforcement agencies and coroner/medical examiners. Finally, in July 2019, with additional authority from the Colorado legislation and financial backing from the Marijuana Tax fund, CBI toxicology began to offer toxicology analysis at no additional fee to law enforcement agencies and/or coroner/medical examiners.  Most importantly, the toxicology analysis offered by CBI since July 2019 is comprehensive to include both volatile (alcohol) analysis and a 14-panel drug analysis on all cases submitted.
A comprehensive toxicology analysis not only gives law enforcement and attorneys a complete picture of toxicology results in driving under the influence (DUI) cases, but also provides the State with complete DUI statistics. These statistics are particularly useful given CO is one of the handful of states with legalized recreational and medical marijuana.  Financially, agencies are able to use funding ear marked for toxicology expenses for other necessary functions.  After many years, forensic toxicology analysis in CO is available to agencies at no additional cost, and July 2020 marks one year of the dedicated staff at CBI offering this service.
From July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2020, there were a total of 9,763 (average 814 per month) toxicology cases submitted to three CBI Laboratories (Denver, Grand Junction, and Pueblo).  The turn-around-time from date of receipt to date of report averaged 25 days, well below our goal of issuing reports within 60 days of receipt.   The following table demonstrates the prevalence of certain drugs during this time period.  Most notably, THC was detected in 4,069 (41%) cases, with a THC concentration greater than 5.0 ng/mL in 2,010 (49%) of the THC positive cases.  Additionally, CBI toxicology noted an increased prevalence of designer benzodiazepines being reported in 227 cases in comparison to the ever popular Alprazolam in 264 cases.

CBI toxicology noticed the effects of the COVID pandemic.  The toxicology submission rate dropped to 539 and 608 cases in April and May, respectively.  However, the June submissions rebounded back to 950 cases. This unprecedented drop in submissions has allowed the staff extra time to reduce the backlog and work on training new analysts in the Pueblo and Denver laboratory.
Happy 5th anniversary to CBI toxicology, with many more to come.  We are honored to be Colorado’s resource for accurate, reliable, and comprehensive forensic toxicology services.

"Ask a Toxicologist"- Click Here to Email!
Change in Traffic Fatality Rates in the First 4 States to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

The Journal of the American Medical Association published a Research Letter authored by Dr. Russell Kamer, Dr. Stephen Warshafsky and Gorden Kamer on June 22nd, 2020.

The Research Letter attempted to conclusively determine if a State's legalizing recreational marijuana is asssociated with traffic fatality rates.  The study reviewed data from the 2018 USDOT roadway fatality reports.

The four states in this study were Alaska, Colorado, Oregon and Washington.  The results of the data analysis determined, according to "national driving statistics, a nationwide legalization would be associated with 6800 excess roadway deaths each year."
Announcing the MADD & CDOT Law Enforcement Champion Awards Finalists!

MADD Colorado and CDOT are excited to honor and recognize the brave men and women in law enforcement who keep our roads and communities safe. Please join us in congratulating the finalists for our upcoming Law Enforcement Champion Awards that were announced on May 20th.

Read the Entire list of Finalists by clicking here-
Featured DRE of the Month- Christian Bollen

Our featured DRE of the Month is Christian Bollen of the Colorado State Patrol.  Here is Christian's story-
I first went through the Red Rocks Law Enforcement Training Academy in 2010.  In 2011 I started with the Colorado State Patrol and got to enjoy yet another academy.  I was initially stationed in Rangely and I transferred to Grand Junction a few years later.  I am currently assigned to the Smuggling, Trafficking and Interdiction Section.  Our team works the I-70 corridor looking for bulk narcotics, weapons, cash and humans being smuggled across the country.
"Why did you become a DRE?"

I was first stationed in a small town and learned there was a lot of impaired driving.  I started to study different effects of drugs and prescription medications and learned there were people out there driving under influence of all sorts of substances.  I became a DRE to further my knowledge and skill set. 
  "Favorite aspect of being a DRE?"
I love being able to quickly identify individuals who use narcotics frequently during a traffic stop.  Have the knowledge base of narcotics, how they are used and common paraphernalia helps in any situation.
"Favorite quote"
I don’t really have a favorite quote, but my favorite movie is The Sandlot. "Your killing me, Smalls!!"  Ashby's input :)
  "Hobbies, interests, favorite movies"
I enjoy spending a lot of time around our house and property.  We have a hobby farm that keeps me pretty busy.  I also enjoy time camping with my family and playing on various sports leagues in Grand Junction.
Thank you for your commitment to Safety!
New Training Opportunities
Toxicology in a Drug Impaired Driving Case - Part 2
(68 minutes) (May 2020) (1 CLE general credit)

Presenters Joseph Jones, Laboratory Director, North Louisiana Crime Laboratory & Lt. Nick Konves, DRE, Columbus Division of Police breakdown the steps needed to address DUI/DUID interpretation using a traffic stop case history. Building a timeline, addressing ingestion, alcohol considerations, observation of the eyes, SFST performance and consideration of all the elements of the case are covered in this presentation. COURSE ID: 785414

Enhancing Your Understanding: Clonazepam
 (72 minutes) (June 2020)

Presenters Joseph Jones, Laboratory Director, North Louisiana Crime Laboratory & Sgt. Robert Kohli, DRE Instructor/ Regional Coordinator, Shawnee Township Police Department, Ohio breakdown the steps needed to address DUI/DUID interpretation using a traffic stop case history. This training addresses the difference in toxicologist and law enforcement terminology and includes an in depth explanation of paradoxical disinhibition. It's recommended that you first watch Toxicology in a Drug Impaired Driving Case - Part 1.
Click here for request form
Enhancing Your Understanding of Gabapentin & Pregabalin
(50 minutes) (June 2020)

Joseph Jones, Laboratory Director, North Louisiana Crime Laboratory.
This training provides an overview and history of off-label use of this commonly prescribed drug. Pharmacology and relevant studies are discussed. Topics also include Gabapentin use indication in overdoses, effects on driving ability & prevalence in drugged driving.

Click here for TSRP video request form
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The CDOT Team consists of Kimberly Ferber, Colorado SFST and DRE State Coordinator, and Mark Ashby, CDOT DRE Project Coordinator.  

"All of you are part of an elite team of officers making up the CO SFST and DRE Programs. I value comments and suggestions that strengthen our expertise in the identification, apprehension and conviction of impaired drivers."     
  Kimberly Ferber

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