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Growing Our Inner Capacities in a Time of External Uncertainties

write   pray   move   meditate   create   build community

Hi there.  I wanted to be sure you saw our previous email inviting you to SoulCare 2020, a virtual retreat that takes place tomorrow. 

Please accept my personal invitation to join us NOW. Register before midnight tonight and pay whatever you can.  That's right, even $1 for the 8 hour retreat and ongoing membership in the SoulCare private community forum where you can stay connected to your fellow retreaters.  So don't let money get in the way of caring for your soul. 

We're all needing a few more tools in our toolbox these days.  2020 has been really rough for a lot of people.  The ABQ CSL SoulCare Team is answering that suffering (including our own!) with some community, some comfort, and some tools for staying afloat, moving forward, thriving. I wanted you to have a chance to be there with us.  

I love you so much.

Rev. Amani
YOU are the greatest force in the Universe!
Join these incredible gifted humans for a day-long, highly interactive virtual workshop to develop spiritual tools for your toolbox. Spend the day writing, moving, praying, meditating, and creating in a highly interactive virtual setting where we will build community and relationships. What we know for sure is when we come together in sacred space our inner capacities grow and we become more resilient.  Register here.

Saturday, August 29, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Zoom.

Sliding Scale Fee:

I have more than enough resources and would like to pay for another's entrance as well.

$50 I have sufficient resources.

$X  I would like to make a love offering, and pay what I can.
Why Soulcare? Rev Amani talks about the upcoming #SoulCare2020 event and resilience.
What You Will Gain

Sacred Writing

Loving attention to our humanness through writing or any art form opens us to our Divinity and the wisdom we carry within.

Affirmative Prayer
Declaring our Divine nature and realizing in our bones that we are the power and the presence of the One leaves us grounded, centered and ready for anything life throws our way.

Moving Meditation
Practicing and constantly learning to move from the center of your being, Tai Chi Chih bridges body, mind, and soul.


Herbs + Art + Ritual

Participate in sacred ceremony for the purpose of holding each other's intentions in the highest light.

Loving Meditation

Grounding ourselves into the loving essence at the center of our being is a most powerful gift to ourselves.


Community Connection

In this time of social distance come together with other powerful beings ready to connect and deepen in practice and Love.


YOU are the greatest force in the universe!


Rev. Amani Malaika, Senior Minister @ABQ CSL
My fascination with spiritual traditions, the soul, and life’s mysteries has been life long. In my own seeking and studies I have become a true believer in the divine nature of all human beings.

I am a modern mystic drawing from the truths of many faith traditions. I am deeply inspired by the new thought movement and ever conjuring inventive ways to live these universal truths in our current world.

Vanessa Owen
I have been a member of ABQCSL for almost 3 years. I currently serve on Leadership Council and a few other groups as well. I became interested in learning about natural medicine and herbs 5 years ago. I pursued my interest and attended UNM's Continuing Education program in Clinical Herbalism over 2 years and earned 3 certificates. Herbal medicine gave me a way to help others in a way that really spoke to me. Using the earth's natural life as a method to help treat and prevent ailments is amazing! It gives us a connection to the Earth and our ancestors that has survived for hundreds of years. I am honored to be a part of this class and share this time with you!

Madi Suarez, RScP
I grew up in the Los Angeles area of California and moved to NM in March of 2005. I attended the ABQ Center for Spiritual Living starting in 2010 after reading "The Secret" because I wanted to meet other people and talk about manifesting! I stuck around for a few years and then left. I came back in October of 2017 and got very involved. I took some classes and then started Practitioner studies in September of 2018. I became a licensed Practitioner in July 2020. I live in the northeast area of Albuquerque with my 9 year old dog, Robin.

Paul Cuffee, RScP
Paul Cuffee is a Poet, a Licensed Practitioner, a Film Maker, and a writer of Sacred texts. His mission is to erase the line between the Sacred and the Profane, and to remove the veils between awareness of Self and awareness of Divinity.

Among his many duties at ABQ CSL are authoring the monthly blog post for our website, and producing video content for our online service. Paul is devoted to expanding everyone’s awareness of their own wholeness and perfection, through prayer, meditation, Practitioner sessions, and teaching. He has written a Sacred Text of Profane Musings called “The Everlasting Burn: A Book of UnCommon Prayer” which he expects to have published before the end of the year.

Clarissa Crowe, RScP
Clarissa Crowe is a licensed Religious Science Practitioner specializing in recovery, self love, and meditation. She is a singer, poet, and teacher who has led several classes, workshops, prayer circles and ceremonial gatherings. She is excited to share her heart and practices with you in this interactive workshop.

Christa Keller, RScP
Tai Chi Chih is way of life, practicing and constantly learning to move from the center of your being. Chi energy is the Vital Life Force bridging Mind, Body and Soul. This practice balances the Chi that brings a sense of well-being and serenity amidst activity. Tai Chi Chih has been the most steadfast and reliable Spiritual Practice in my life. I am inspired to share this practice with you. It is accessible to people of all abilities, ages and challenges.

I am an accredited Tai Chi Chih teacher and former President of the Tai Chi Chih Association serving members Internationally. I have been teaching for the last 35 years. I have had the honor of studying and practicing with the originator, Justin Stone. I am have taught in several environments including corporate businesses in down town San Francisco, St. Mary’s Hospital in San Francisco, kindergarten children and worked with folks and their families at a drug rehab program in Oakland. I have been teaching a public class here in Albuquerque for the last 11 years.

Let’s move together to bring balance to our lives during this challenging time. I look forward to our time together!

Joy Lynn Hertz, RScP
Joy Lynn is honored to have served as Chair of the CSL Practitioner Council and served three years as the Secretary of the CSL Practitioner Council, Chair of the 3rd and 4th Annual CSL Practitioner Council Gatherings, Member of CSL’s Licensing and Credentialing committee and Co-Chair of the 2020 CSL Business meeting in Denver. She has previously served as prayer liaison for CSL Leadership Council, as well as Region 6 Practitioner Representative. In 2016 and 2017 Joy Lynn served as a committee member of CSL’s Practitioner Council’s 1st and 2nd annual Practitioner Gatherings. In 2012 during the United CSL and International CSL Integration process, Joy Lynn served on the Core Council of UCSL as the Recording Secretary and in 2017 she served on the Leadership Council’s financial impact team.

Joy Lynn moved to Albuquerque from New Orleans in 2005 as a direct result of Hurricane Katrina. The love and support of the members of the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living are what sustained Joy Lynn and inspired her continued study and ultimately teaching Science of Mind. Joy Lynn is a law firm administrator and Paralegal for more than 40 years. She currently owns and operates JoyousCreations Event Planning and Catering company in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Leading by example and servant leadership is a way of being in Joy Lynn’s life. Loving kindness, service, and inspiring others to their highest potential are Joy Lynn’s life mission.

Joy Lynn is honored and blessed to currently serve as a Practitioner at the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living.

Mary Deaguero, RScP
Mary Deaguero is a licensed Religious practitioner.

She has used writing tools all of her life to explore experiences and feelings and to become aware of how she is reacting and responding to events in her life. Writing has helped her identify feelings and emotions and in that writing new perspectives emerge with more freedom of choice.

Writing gives pause to appreciate our humanness and that is the place of sacredness. All of our experiences are sacred. Loving attention to our humanness through writing or any art form opens us to our Divinity and the wisdom we carry within.

Bonnie Chavez, RScP
I was born and raised in NM and love the outdoors, especially exploring new spaces. I am a recent transplant to Virginia and enjoying the hiking and beautiful scenery. I own my own consulting business that helps social profit organizations and other small businesses. I love helping the Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living and excited to participate.

write   pray   move   meditate   create   build community

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