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Important safety information regarding the manufacturing lot of the MX 16, 20, 24 and LAUFEY 20 H30 models from the 2021 Range 

A few days ago, we reported a potential risk identified in a specific batch of handlebar and stem components that we mounted on our MX 16, 20, 24 and LAUFEY 20 H30 models from the 2021 Range.

Dealers who received the bikes affected by this batch have been notified via email with the bikes’ serial numbers.

In order to facilitate the rapid replacement of these handlebars, we have implemented a process to identify, replace and confirm the affected components. 


We’ve set up a portal on our website so customers can check if their bike is one of those affected and require a component replacement.

You, as a dealer, can also use this portal to check a bike if a customer comes into your store and requests information about the recall.


Once you identify an affected bike, you must file a claim through Kide and request a new handlebar and stem set. Your after-sales agent will send you the component as soon as possible.

We have posted a video on Myagi explaining the detailed process, step by step. Also remember that you have the Bluepapers in which the mounting specifications for the affected models are explained.

Once replaced, we require a photo that proves the defective handlebar has been destroyed to ensure its removal from the market. You can upload the photo to the Kide claim.


Orbea will compensate you financially for carrying out this replacement process. To do this, we will provide you with an invoice document in which you must identify the bike that was serviced, sign the document confirming that the part has been replaced and send it back to Orbea. 

For more information, email us at or call us at +34 900 670 018.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation.

On behalf of the entire Orbea team, thank you.

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