Join us to discuss Community Energy opportunities for Calne - Thursday 22nd 7pm

As part of our series of Sustainable Calne engagements, our next meeting is scheduled for this Thursday 22nd April at 7pm. This next discussion group will be focused on how we create access to more low carbon energy for our communities and businesses across Calne.

Did you know that around 60% of our carbon dioxide emissions across Wiltshire are related to the energy we consume in our homes and businesses – largely in the form of electricity, gas and oil? Whilst utility companies are making progress, how can we create initiatives that help accelerate and localise this activity, therefore increasing the pace of change and creating benefits to our local communities?

Sustainable Calne is in action on a few areas already, including domestic rooftop solar schemes and renewable power for local businesses, but there are many more ways in which we can make a difference e.g. education around how you purchase your energy, housing insulation and efficiency, solar for public buildings and low carbon heat through ground and air source heat pumps to mention just a few… From big to small, easy to challenging, all ideas are welcome - and we need your input!

We’ll share a little more about what we and similar groups are doing but this meeting will be about exploring new ideas that we can put into practice for Calne – we look forward to welcoming you for another fruitful discussion!

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TONIGHT!!! Thursday 15th April 7pm - Join the Wiltshire Climate Alliance Election Debate

We want to ensure that Wiltshire Election Candidates understand how important climate change is to the electorate. One of the best ways to do this is to attend the WCA election debate that tonight at 7pm.

Here is the link that you will need to join the live streaming

We are encouraging people to add comments on the Facebook page whilst the debate is going on. One of the facilitators will be monitoring the Facebook comments and will, where possible, feed these back into the live debate. You will need to be logged into your Facebook account to comment.

We know that not everybody has a Facebook account and this should not prevent people from being also be able to comment. If you don’t have a Facebook account and would like to be able to comment during the debate, please email ASAP (please don’t leave it to the last minute!) and he will find an alternative way to enable you to add comments.

Best wishes,

Tom Morris


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