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Hello Spiderlings!

I tend to overdo things.

Maybe this is obvious? After all, my comic is a crocheted comic. My dialogue is metered, rhyming dialogue. And if you take a jaunt through the byways of the website you’ll find bits and pieces, fits and starts of bios, maps, creatures, and more. Plus there’s a blog. And then there are all the other parts I dream of doing: songs and videos and games and puzzles, Oh My!

Believe it or not, A Stitch in Rhyme is an attempt to simplify. By publishing serially, I have to start before I’m done; I don’t have to complete the whole, massive thing all at once. Otherwise, I might just get blocked by the scope of it all.

Paradoxically, I do more by doing less.

But I need to take this farther. Those bits and pieces I mentioned? Still pretty sparse. I have plans upon plans for character biographies, zoological and botanical pages, posters of marvels and monsters, advertisements for places around Dinod-on-Neidr. Too much to list here.

So…where are they?

Well, I’ve let them get overblown in my mind and so I never have time to get to any of them because each one is too much. Overwhelmed, you see.

So what to do?

Do less. Post a small start to one of them here, a small bit of another one there. Build them up over time. Sure, at first they won’t live up to what’s in my mind, but at least they’ll be something. Eventually they’ll become what I want them to be. The important thing is to just get started so we can watch the site grow together.

Do less to do more!


The first section that gets my attention is Aeronwy’s Assembly of Animals. It’s under the World menu in the Things section, if you want to hunt for it. With my new commitment to doing less I will add creatures to this section, little by little. First entry? Cathnids. This picture here probably won’t make it into Aeronwy’s book, it’s just for you. Enjoy!

Recent Updates

In case you haven’t been keeping up with your reading, here are links to the last few updates:


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Thanks for reading. I hope you’re enjoying my wooly wonderland!

--Pied Spider
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