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Hello Spiderlings!

It's been a little while, I hope you are all doing well and enjoying A Stitch in Rhyme.

You might have noticed I've been continuing to push my own boundaries to improve the art and expressiveness of the characters. It's all about telling a good story and a lot of that is the emotional state of the characters as they speak and react to each other. In a lot of ways it's like working on a film, and in fact I find myself occasionally berating the puppets for not cooperating during a photo shoot.

Me: (posing Aeronwy and Dilys just so).
Dilys: (falls over).
Aeronwy: (smirks).
Me: "Dilys, quit playing around! Go to your trailer!"

It's probably good that I work alone... 😋

As an example, check out Dilys's expression in the last panel of Parti-Colored Smoke. I'm particularly pleased with how that one turned out.
Go to Parti-Colored Smoke

Odl's Decree

Wondering about the reason for the rhyming in A Stitch in Rhyme? It's because King Odl I decreed that all words must be in meter and rhyme. You don't get the full text of it in the storyline, because I thought the composition of the art looked better when it was cut off, but I really did write the full thing (as a limerick, of course). And I did the calligraphy by hand, too!
Odl Decreeing

Recent Updates

In case you haven’t been keeping up with your reading, here are links to the last few updates:



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Thanks for reading. I hope you’re enjoying my wooly wonderland!

--Pied Spider
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