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Hello Spiderlings!

Have you dared to enter Marisand’s Maze of Mystery yet? No? Go ahead, I’ll wait:

Each item in the Maze has its own little origin story. Here are a couple inspired by Seattle’s Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, the original real-world model for Marisand’s Marvelous Market.

Danyl Dragoneyes

She’s my own version of a Fiji Mermaid (a common sideshow hoax made from a monkey’s head sewn to a fish tail), especially this one that hangs from the rafters:


Danyl is more human (and more draconic), of course.

Two-Headed Spider Pig

Start with Ye Olde Curiosity Shop’s Freak Pig:


Mix in a two-headed calf:


Weave in spiders (naturally), dash in a joke radio commercial for “Pig in a Jar” from my childhood, and set the “Spider Pig” song from The Simpsons on repeat, and that’s how you do it!

Visit the Maze

Danyl Tidbits

In my first draft, Danyl's sonnet was composed by Dilys. Feeling melancholy about Aeronwy and Einion, he wandered the shop and fancifully fell in love with Danyl on seeing her hanging above the shelves.
I think Marisand is a much more fitting author for this particular sonnet, though, don't you?
Read the Sonnet

Recent Updates

In case you haven’t been keeping up with your reading, here are links to the last few updates:



Danyl Dragoneyes
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Thanks for reading. I hope you’re enjoying my wooly wonderland!

--Pied Spider
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