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Hello Spiderlings!

I thought I’d give you a peek at a new creature I’m creating for A Stitch in Rhyme. I’m just beginning on this creature, so this is a good chance to show how things go from start to finish.

Appearing in the not too far future in the story there will be dragons. Now, of course they won’t be the traditional dragons you’re used to seeing in other stories.

First, they’ll have more than the usual number of legs.

Second, the eyes. So many eyes.

Third? They’ll be silk spinners.

Okay, you guessed it: spiders. You may have noticed spiders are something of a theme with me.

The general concept of these creatures is that they’re a kind of dragon-spider hybrid, called wythnids. This comes from the Welsh word for eight (wyth) plus –nid from arachnid.

What do they look like? I’m not yet certain, but I think they’ll be based off of the fringed jumping spider (portia fimbriata). Here's a picture I found on the internet:

That face…the perfect blend of wise and penetrating and a little bit scary.

Here's a side view:

I love the knobs all over the body and legs.

These particular spiders are known to be highly intelligent and, according to Wikipedia, are “called ‘eight-legged cats’, as their hunting tactics are as versatile and adaptable as a lion's.”

So, what’s draconic about wythnids? For one, portia fimbriata are 5 – 10mm long, where wythnids stand around five feet tall and are more like eight feet long. Also? Wythnids have wings. Probably more for gliding than actual flying (think flying squirrel), but we shall see how things go.

And…that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Next, I’ll do some sketches and start crocheting.

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into how I work. I’ll give you updates in future newsletters so you can watch this creature’s progress!

Tantalizing Flashes

Did you know A Stitch in Rhyme started out as more of an illustrated rhyming novel than a webcomic? Here’s Dilys describing Aeronwy from the first version that got cut from the webcomic:

Ahead of me went Aeronwy (I lagged behind).
Today her dress was green and patterned with brown slashes,
her bodice tight and flaring skirt with curvy line
that showed her legs in tantalizing flashes.

I walked her wake, first feeling scared then bravely daring,
when she abruptly turned, one hand on waist, cocked hips,
and quite amused she’d caught me in the act of staring.
“See something nice?” she said, with smirk on lips.

Recent Updates

In case you haven’t been keeping up with your reading, here are links to the last few updates:


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Thanks for reading. I hope you’re enjoying my wooly wonderland!

--Pied Spider
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