Our first-ever Ring of Keys concert was a huge hit!

Despite the sudden blizzard that debilitated New York City, it was a full house, full of warmth on a cold night. The concert was directed, produced, stage managed, and performed entirely by Key Members. We raised visibility and queered the Birdland Theatre stage, and look forward to queering many more stages to come.

If you missed it, view our digital playbill, which includes our set list, photos, bios, and more!
Created by KEY Chelsie Nectow.


Check out more photos from our concert here!

And videos from QUEERING THE STAGE are being uploaded to the new Ring of Keys YouTube channel! To make sure you don't miss any (and to boost the channel), please subscribe and give videos a thumbs up!

Thanks to KEY Rebecca Marquardt, our Ring of Keys YouTube Manager, for doing this work!

Ring of Keys is proud to be listed in the new Directory created by StateraArts!

StateraArts is a foundation taking positive action to bring women and gnc folks into full and equal participation in the theatre.

Other Directories listed include Maia Directors, a resource for organizations and artists engaging with stories from the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, which was created by KEY Megan Sandberg-Zakian.



You might have seen this graphic floating around social media. KEY Members are changing the casting landscape, which is exactly what Ring of Keys is all about.

  Created by KEYS Emily Tarquin and Kevin Kantor. Graphic by KEY Kathryn Morgen. Thanks to KEY K. Woodzick for helping circulate this language to social media!  
Ring of Keys reached out to the creators to learn a little more about this language:

The language above was developed by Artistic Producer of Actors Theatre of Louisville, Emily Tarquin (she/they) and myself, Kevin Kantor (they/them) as a living and amendable resource in response to a question we asked ourselves: How can we better assure trans and gender-non-conforming artists that they have a welcomed place in our programming, especially when said programming, at first glance, may not explicitly feature TGNC characters? What we hope this language offers is a bridge between casting directors who implement it and artists who come across it — one that allows TGNC artists the agency to advocate for themselves to be seen for roles that they most identify with and allows casting directors to be more proactive in welcoming those artists into the room. The conversation is always ongoing — the work is never done. To that point, we hope for this language to be added to, amended and adapted as those sharing it see fit. We’ve already seen versions of this language edited and shared to include a note on ability. Ultimately, the language of casting breakdowns is a small step in the larger journey of creating more inclusive and equitable casting practices — but one that hopefully invites more voices to the conversation.

We encourage you to share this with casting directors and theatre companies in your "ring," as we continue to shift the landscape toward a more inclusive industry!
Do you have work that you want us to showcase? Let us know! Reply to this email, or use the hashtag #ringofkeys on your social media posts so we can know about all the great stuff going on with our Members.
Be sure to check out our growing KEY member directory!
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