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What's new from economist Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D.

February 2018

Dear Friends,

I'm here with my latest update from the world of tech, economics and data science:

Economists Are Winning at Amazon: In recent years, Amazon has hired dozens of Ph.D. economists, teaming them up with data scientists and software engineers. How is Amazon using them? You'll find some clues in this new working paper from Amazon's chief economist Pat Bajari, which shows how economists using big data have dramatically improved the company's forecasts. 

Why Are Online Reviews So Crazy? We've all had the experience of reading extreme positive and negative online reviews, with few moderate voices represented. Can review sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, and others use simple economic incentives to correct that? That's the subject of my new working paper, coauthored with Ioana Marinescu, Nadav Klein and Morgan Smart. 

Doing Regressions in the Cloud. Each year, the data sets I work with as an economist get bigger and messier. One of my goals this year is to stop running regressions locally in Python on my Mac, and start doing more analysis in the cloud using PySpark. For anyone else looking to make the switch, here's a terrific Udemy course

Stock Trading on Glassdoor Reviews: Before we launched the Economic Research group at Glassdoor three years ago, there was almost no research linking online employee reviews and stock prices. Today there are more than a half-dozen papers. Investment bank UBS released a note last week on how they're valuing stocks with Glassdoor ratings -- a nice example of putting economic research using data from the tech world into practice. 

Send Me Your Ph.D. Students: I'm hiring for our summer Economic Research Fellow position at Glassdoor. This is a great opportunity for economics Ph.D. students who want a start in tech economics. Here's the job: Sit next to Andrew all summer, and dream up awesome data science projects we can build at Glassdoor. We've had past fellows go on to work at Amazon! 

Some New Jobs in Tech Economics: Looking for an economics job in tech? Here are few interesting opportunities I'm seeing today. Apartment List is hiring several economists to grow their team, after raising $50 million in funding in January. Ancestry continues building their team with an applied economist role. And Uber is filling out their economics team with a new data scientist / economist role.

Thanks for staying in touch with me -- and best of luck in the coming month. 


Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D.
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