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Dear Friends,

As an economist working in tech, I've become increasingly concerned with online privacy.

Platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook make it easier than ever to stay connected professionally. But they're also closing off the open space of the internet -- making it hard to stay in touch without losing control of our digital lives.

As an alternative, I'm launching this email newsletter. It's designed to keep in touch with colleagues like you without the ads, privacy concerns, and non-transparent policies of today's social networks. 

Once a month, I'll share my latest research as chief economist at Glassdoor, my career updates, and my thoughts on trends in economics, data science and technology. 

I hope you'll enjoy staying in touch the old fashioned way -- person to person, without a for-profit social network getting in the way. Of course, if you'd rather not subscribe that's fine as well. I've included an opt-out link below.  

Thanks for staying connected -- I look forward to being in touch in the coming year! 


Andrew Chamberlain, Ph.D. 
Twitter: @adchamberlain
Medium: @andrew.chamberlain

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