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We're celebrating this July, and here's a few good reasons why... 

1) It's 'Plastic Free July'... so in this months newsletter we've included a plastic-free giveaway and an article that explains why plastic isn't just bad for the environment, it may also be affecting your health.

The pièce de résistance however, is that we've also organized a "how to live plastic-free" workshop with none other than Timi Nicholson, a woman who's managed to reduce her entire families monthly plastic waste to nothing more than the amount that can fit in a glass jar... what an inspiration! It's definitely an event not to be missed! Make sure you book your place today. 😍😍

2) With the longer days and the warming sunshine, it's a great time of year to be going 'Fermental', so we've not only given our scoby's some motherly love... (come by the shop front, or check it out on social to see what we're talking about) but we've also included a How-to-brew-kombucha guide in this months newsletter! 

3) We'll be fun-lovingly baking with our children's health in mind with the absolutely divine Lydia Sasse in August. Read on for details...

And last but not least, that's a number 4... Oh! Just throwing it out there... We've just turned 40 years old! Woohoo! So stay tuned for updates on all the many and varied ways we are planning to celebrate this monumental occasion with you!

Happy reading everyone and don't forget to enter this month's plastic-free inspired competition! 

Birthday hugs all round...

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From Indian takeaways, to warm bottled water, or even the cosmetics you wear every day... each of these seemingly harmless activities may expose you to the dreaded Xenoestrogen - nasty little hormonally active chemicals that wreak havoc on your endocrine system. So, seeing as it's Plastic Free July, and given that one of their most prominent sources is plastic, we thought it only fitting that we share this fantastic article with you. Here's our top tips for reducing your exposure to xenoestrogens... whilst simultaneously and incidentally also hopefully saving the planet. 💪 🌏

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It's that time of year! The warmer weather is enticing us to eat fresh and think about cleansing our bodies. This carrot top pesto is not only incredibly delicious; it also contains many compounds that may assist with detoxification. Definitely something different for the dinner table, why not give it a try, your insides will thank you!   


Did you know that summer is a great time to get into fermentation because the warmer weather lends itself to speedier ferments and faster results. That's why our friends at 4-hand-food-studio have kindly shared this super easy how-to-guide for brewing kombucha. If you haven't already turned 'fermental' like the rest of the crew at The Hopsack, this is the perfect place to start. And just in case you need any of the equipment or even the scoby itself to get started.. we sell it all in the shop, so no excuses left! Get brewing today!


Click here to start your brewing journey! 

Ireland boasts a whopping 61kg of plastic waste per person, per year, which is one of the many reasons we, at The Hopsack love to support our community to reduce waste where ever we can. In solidarity with 'Plastic Free July', we thought we'd celebrate the Viridian brand of supplements, (who are making noticeable strides in terms of sustainability) by giving away some of their fantastic products. 

Why does Viridian stand out as a sustainable product range?

  • They run a refund and recycling program for all their glass bottles, which means no plastic, no waste and a little bit of money saved
  • They donate a portion of their profits to a charity
  • They don't use binders and fillers
  • They use organic ingredients where possible
  • They are actively seeking to reduce the size of their bottles and as a whole reduce their packaging by 12 tonnes by 2020
  • The fake 'plastic' that they wrap their supplements in is 100% plant-based and completely compostable

Don't miss your chance to try out one of these fantastic supplements for yourself. To enter, simply email us at or if you're not already a subscriber of this newsletter click here to join the mailing list.

Get on down to the shop to check out our tastings or click on the booking links below to secure your place at our upcoming workshops. We've got something for everyone this month! 

Can you imagine producing so little waste that you have to cancel your waste collection services? Well, we know it's possible because this lady did it! Timi Nicholson of is living proof of this tremendous achievement.. she reduced her total monthly plastic refuse to less than the size of a glass jar. Pretty impressive right? The best part yet, is that Timi believes it's also totally achievable for everyone.

So, apart from the opportunity to come and revel in the absolute inspiration of it all, this is your chance, for one night only, to come and listen to Timi downloading all of her best and brightest tips for living life without plastic. 

Definitely, an event not to be missed. Book now to avoid disappointment!
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Do you love baking but like to try to keep things healthy, sugar and allergen-free? Then this workshop is for you! Why not have your cake and eat it too... with the kids?!

This workshop is an interactive, hands-on cooking experience where you and the kids will be creating a number of different baked delights, all using healthy wholesome ingredients. Run by none other than the fabulous Lydia Sasse, a super-experienced and passionate children's wellness coach, you'll get the best of information, recipes to take home, and a fun-tastic experience with the kiddies. The perfect morning out for the school holidays.

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