CAA Newsletter for October, 2018

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Mary Poulos

Mary is a relatively new member of CAA who made a career and raised a family teaching and creating art in New York and New Jersey. She moved to Camano Island a year ago to be nearer to family.

Two of Mary’s favorite subjects are portraits of people and animals,  which she does in an impressionistic style. It’s hard to pin down her medium because she paints in pastels, watercolor, oil, and acrylics and often layers different media, such as charcoal/watercolor/pastel.

Mary’s art career began casually in her late 20’s. She saw an ad for art lessons and coaxed a girlfriend into taking the class with her. Her friend had misgivings – “where is this coming from?” But, she knew she loved color. She was a knitter, and it was the colors of the yarn that entranced her. (She still knits – now for the kids at Children’s Hospital).
Portrait by Mary Poulos, charcoal, watercolor, pastel on watercolor paper
(images are of framed pieces -please forgive the reflections)
It went well.  She was a natural. She was gloriously stricken by the art bug. So enamored with painting, she borrowed a car, got a bank loan ($7000 or $8000 in today’s dollars) and drove north to take lessons from Daniel Greene. That went well, too, and she returned to New York with encouragement to begin teaching. One newspaper ad, just one, when she returned home, began her career.  Referrals did the rest.
Foxy, pastel
Mary taught drawing and painting for 30 years. Most were lessons given in private studio sessions, but her career also included ten years at a New Jersey high school. She left there with the prize of having a gallery named in her honor.
New York Bay, Watercolor
Teaching has been a major part of her life, but she has also actively sold her work through shows, galleries, and commissions and has been an active member of the Watercolor Society and the Pastel Society in New York, receiving many awards for her work.
Park Scene at Woodcliff Lake, soft pastel over acrylic
Mary can be contacted at


Home: Places of the Heart

When the Sun Paints the Sky, Jed Dorsey

Jed Dorsey's show at Sunnyshore Studio, Home: Places of the Heart, will bring together Jed's excellent use of design, light and color with his unique ability to capture the essence of a place. The show opened Saturday, September 20th and will continue on Saturday, September 27th, 10:00-5:00. The show can be viewed online by all of Jed's Collectors at 12:00pm PST at  Sunnyshore Studio. The show is also open by appointment. Call Jason Dorsey at 317.209.6768.  Check out this recent interview of Jed here, and for a video introduction to the show, click here.
Let's Get Started

Matzke's 9th Annual Art Auction

Sept. – Oct. 6th, 2018

Mt. Rainier with Grape Rows, 19 x 32, oil on canvas by Mark Eaton

Ninety five pieces of fine art (all mediums) will be auctioned.  
“BID or BUY”: You may purchase the art for full value or leave a bid,
 or come to preview the artworks, every weekend (Fri., Sat. and Sun.)
11am - 5:00pm or call 360-387-2759 to view during the week. 
The auction ends with the finale “LIVE” Auction at 5:00pm
on October 6th. ($25.00 at the door the evening of the "Live" Auction)
Party & Food starts at 4 pm, Sandwiches, Hors d’Oeuvres, 
Yummy desserts, Wine and a great time!
Matzke Fine Art Gallery and Sculpture Park
2345 Blanche Way, Camano Island, WA 98282
(left to right) Burrowing Owl, 8 x 9 x 5, basalt by Josh Henrie  and Silver Lining, 14 x 17, acrylic by Lori Vanderhorst
Adirondack Chairs, 37 x 49, egg tempera by Jack Gunter

Bobbie Mueller

Tsuga Gallery in Bothell
Oct 23 – Nov 16, 2018.

Bobbie Mueller's painting "Tulip Fields" was one of 46 pieces accepted in the Northwest Watercolor Society Waterworks Unplugged Membership Exhibition showing at the Tsuga Gallery in Bothell Oct 23 – Nov 16, 2018.


Stan O'Neil

Stan has been showing his work around the country this summer. Just back from St. Louis, he is off to the Albuquerque balloon festival art show for two weeks. His work is being featured in the festival's advertising materials.


Naoko (Nikki) Yamamoto

Nikki Yamamoto won Grand Champion for her white horse painting on tile at the Washington State fair in Puyallup this year. Last year she was also awarded Grand Champion for her dragon painted on a porcelain vase.  The vase sold at the Camano Island Studio Tour this spring.

"I love to paint animals. My love for horses and dogs are special. This white horse on tile was my memory of the horse I rode for the first time in my life when I was 6 or 7 years old. It was not my horse. It was the horse of the club my father belonged to. In Tokyo there is no space to keep horses in your yard."

Porcelain painting limits the size of her "canvas," and to create larger work she also paints using sumi (like an India ink) on paper. "It is very traditional Japanese style painting and very much simplified design. I also like to paint on canvas with acrylic paint. I keep exploring different mediums."

Jacqueline Dorsey

Meet Jacqueline Dorsey: Coordinator of the "Discover Beautiful Camano" Project

Sunnyshore Studio is excited to announce that Jacqueline Dorsey will be the Coordinator for Sunnyshore Studio's Discover Beautiful Camano project that weaves art, film, and journalism to tell the stories of the people and places of Camano Island. It will culminate in July 2020 with: 
  • an art opening that celebrates the vibrant artist community on Camano by showcasing Camano artists selected to paint scenes of Camano.
  • the release of a documentary video and coffee table book that shares the stories of the people and places of Camano. 

Nick Seegert

Angel Of The Winds Casino has purchased two of Nick Seegert's photographs on 40x60 metal prints. They will be displayed in the entry of casino's new Conference Center.  "Both images are favorites of mine, "Windy" and "Shadows."  They were taken less than a half mile apart on Fir Island. "  These and other prints of Nick's can be purchased at the Casino's Gift Shop. 
Nick Seegert next to his photograph "Shadows", 40x 60 print on metal

Dotti Burton

Dotti Burton was recently invited to show at the Artebella Fine Art Gallery in Yakima, joining a diversified group of artists.

Dotti has also been awarded the Hallie Price Scholarship to the Gage Academy of Art, where she will be in the new Mentored Studies in Abstraction program.  "The weekly painting sessions are designed to offer a creative environment to complete work in progress, start new work, and develop original new ideas while mentored by a Gage teaching artist."

My new series of Silver and Black paintings has been inspired by my love of large scale sculpture which I have made into home or office size paintings.

Visit Dotti Burton's Website to see and learn more.

Arnold Ronning

"I borrowed this title from a Star Trek novel (WORLD WITHOUT END) I once read.  It, in turn, borrows the phrase from an ancient hymn: "Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end, Amen."
The extraordinary thing is, that what the ancient poets imagined, science is now uncovering with orbiting telescopes.  Even within the confines of our four-dimensional world (height, length, width, and time), it seems there is no ascertainable boundary to the Universe, and many physicists now suggest that there may be extra-dimensional universes presently invisible to our senses and instrumentation.  
While the composition is simple enough, the process of executing the finished painting takes patience and time.  A black and white tonal underpainting is the first step.  Then, thin layers of semi-transparent glaze are added one by one.  In total, I would estimate about ten or twelve layers are present in some areas, while in others as little as three or four.  One could simply paint opaque colors onto black, but it would not give back the glow that is characteristic of clouds of ionized gases in outer space.  

I was not sure the painting would come across in a photograph because the colors are only visible from certain angles and in a certain light, rather like the gleaming feathers on the neck of a hummingbird, or the colorful scales on a rainbow trout.  I was pleased that in bright light, straight on, I was able to capture the full spectrum of colors because it rarely appears this way to the naked eye.  
I plan to donate this painting in memory of a young boy who was a science fiction fan, but if something like this intrigues you, I am happy to oblige with a similar painting.  Contact me at:"


October 3rd, 6:30pm
Camano Community Center

Ahmed Jaddi will give a presentation of his proposed development at the intersection of Elger Bay Road and Mountain View. The development will include a "studio building," and he is hoping "it will create a focal point for the Camano Island artist community." Drop by (open to everyone) to hear for yourself what this might mean for artists on the island.
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