Contact: Abby Leeper Gibson
Communications and Outreach Consultant

June 17, 2021

Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions Announce Statewide Roadshow of Public Hearings

DENVER, CO -- The Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions will hold public hearings on the preliminary maps for the state’s eight congressional districts, as well as the 65 state house and 35 senate districts. These hearings will provide Colorado residents the opportunity to testify about their communities and communicate directly with the Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions. Both commissions will convene jointly at each location to take testimony both in-person and remotely.
Prior to the roadshow of public hearings, the commissions’ staff will release the preliminary plans to their respective commissions on June 23 and 28.

In 2018, with the passage of Amendments Y and Z, Coloradans resoundingly said they wanted lines drawn in a different, independent way. This roadshow of public hearings is an important piece of this work and is an opportunity for Coloradans to have their voices heard,” said Commissioner JulieMarie Shepherd Macklin. “Residents are the experts of their own communities and, as these plans come together, we need public input and involvement to ensure that the maps best represent the Colorado of today.” 

The schedule of public hearings is as follows:
Congressional District 1
July 14, 2021:       Denver 
July 21, 2021:       Sheridan
July 27, 2021:       Denver
Congressional District 2
July 17, 2021:       Fort Collins
July 31, 2021:       Breckenridge
Aug. 11, 2021:      Boulder
Congressional District 3
July 23, 2021:       Steamboat Springs
July 24, 2021:       Craig
July 30, 2021:       Montrose, Grand Junction
July 31, 2021:       Carbondale
Aug. 6, 2021:        Alamosa
Aug. 7, 2021:        Ignacio
Aug. 20, 2021:      Pueblo
Congressional District 4
July 9, 2021:         Lamar
July 10, 2021:       Burlington, Sterling
Aug. 6, 2021:        Trinidad
Aug. 10, 2021:      Longmont
Aug. 14, 2021:      Greeley
Congressional District 5
Aug. 20, 2021:      Woodland Park
Aug. 21, 2021:      Canon City, Buena Vista
Aug. 28, 2021:      Colorado Springs
Congressional District 6
July 28, 2021:       Aurora
Aug. 3, 2021:        Centennial
Aug. 18, 2021:      Highlands Ranch
Aug. 25, 2021:      Brighton
Congressional District 7
July 13, 2021:       Arvada
July 20, 2021:       Lakewood
Aug. 4, 2021:        Golden
Aug. 24, 2021:      Commerce City

Start times and venues will be announced at a later date.
To learn more about how to make a public comment in-person at the hearings or while attending virtually, please visit
“We are the first independent redistricting commission in Colorado. These public hearings are an opportunity for the citizens of Colorado to share their thoughts on three key pieces of the new legislation that called for a different way to draw maps: communities of interest, compactness and competitiveness,” said Commissioner Robin Schepper. “We look forward to robust meetings in every corner of the state. Participation is the key to a healthy democracy.”
Census delays interrupted the redistricting timeline in the state constitution, but the preliminary plan preparation is now underway with data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and the state demographer’s office. Once Colorado receives the census block redistricting data, after August 16, 2021, the commissions will begin their consideration of final redistricting plans. Written public comments will remain open and available through the public hearing process and the consideration of final plans. The commissions will also conduct a second round of public hearings, one in each congressional district, after plans have been completed using the final census data.
Enacted in 2018, the Colorado Constitution requires the establishment of the Colorado Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission and the Colorado Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission (commissions) and requires the commissions to redraw U.S. House of Representatives and state legislative districts following each federal census occurring every 10 years.
The two commissions first convened in March 2021 and both are composed of 12 members: four members who are registered with the Republican Party, four members who are registered with the Democratic Party, and four members who are not registered with any political party. The commissions are assisted by nonpartisan staff who are employed by nonpartisan service agencies of the Colorado General Assembly.



Schedule of Public Hearings
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