Spaciousness from RAISING CLARITY

There is a spaciousness between Thanksgiving and the end of the year. Here is how to deepen it with RAISING CLARITY:

  • Winter Video Course, “The 3 Lights You Need to Enjoy the Darkness of Winter.” You already possess the three lights; this spacious instructional and guided meditation video shows you how to access them. Here is a free taster video. This short course also works well to nourish your plan for your year. If you don’t have a plan, you still have time to create one. (The Fall Video Course can help; find out about it here: “The 3 Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Right Now to Plan Your Year in One Hour.”)

  • Money as Teacher: Low-cost, Monday-evening coaching group for RAISING CLARITY on all things money—finances to fundraising, entitlement to enoughness. Next session is tomorrow, Monday, November 28, at 7pm Eastern. Your first session is free. (Bring a question; you’ll get more out of the experience. The more important the question, the more important to ask it. I’ve been moneycoaching for over a decade.) Email me for the link if it’s your first time; otherwise, sessions cost $10 or $20 (your choice). This group is drop-in; you can sign up as late as 6:59 ET!

  • I love when soul-colleagues (like you) ask me questions I can answer in spacious depth with a blog post: “Why we don’t feel we can achieve big goals, and what the real barrier is.” Sign up for my blog on that page. Email me to ask a question I can answer in a blog post written just for you.

  • I found myself saying things that surprise even me in this interview with MysticMag.

  • Spacious, free video guided meditations helping you overcome an obstacle, find focus on your calling, and reach clarity in a decision. Free audio meditations on seven obstacles to promoting your work: scroll to the bottom of my “instant downloads” page.

  • Last call for the Winter Cohort of Claim Your Calling! To consider and be considered spaciously for this cohort, you must book a free conversation with me by this Wednesday. (Our meeting will take place in the first half of December.) Book here automatically or reply to this newsletter to set one up by email. Here is a description of the Winter Cohort. Here is the main page for the intensive, comprehensive, Claim Your Calling program the Cohort does together. There, you’ll find my free 43-minute masterclass about the five shifts you need to make to follow your calling while living your life. Plus testimonials, posts, and short videos. To go directly to the masterclass, click here.

Want to coach or consult with me? Click here for a free exploratory conversation. Or start our conversation with an email reply to this newsletter.