Second Holiday Giveaway this Thursday:

Thursday, December 15 at 6:30pm

After rigorous training in Traditional Acupuncture, Sapphyre began riding the waves of entrepreneurship as a newly licensed acupuncturist. Not content with that alone, her enthusiasm quickly took her to embark on a doctoral program in Oriental Medicine.

When I learned this, I was in awe. I value education—but that’s not why. I love Sapphyre’s wise confidence. I love her self-trust.

So will you! I wanted to ask Sapphyre a zillion questions about how she came to trust her enthusiasm. And now I can! Join Sapphyre and me live as we talk about trusting our enthusiasm—remembering that en-thusiasm means being “inspired or possessed by a god.”

Note: this event will be recorded; I’ll publish the recording in the next newsletter.

This event is the second of my three holiday giveaways. (The third one comes in January). So join me in delight to receive your gift of inspiration from Sapphyre’s story.

How to join? Email me back and I’ll send you the Zoom link!

Last session of 2022:

Join me tomorrow (Monday, December 12) at 7pm Eastern for my affordable group coaching in all things money.

This is our last session of 2022!

You’ll get more out of the group if you bring a question or a problem.

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See you tomorrow!

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Recording of First Holiday Giveaway Now Ready!

Money Flows Like Water: Build Your Channels

This event was a blessing to those who joined it—including me. A quietly powerful guided meditation opens this recording. The second half is my teaching on the blog post here—which also contains the event recording. (To get my blog posts in your inbox, sign up for the blog on that page.)

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