October 17, 7pm Eastern

This popular drop-in coaching group is starting up again after its successful pilot.

Quotes from participants’ evaluations of the pilot:

It got me thinking about money in a lot of different ways--like, focusing more on how I think of scarcity and abundance, not just "money."

A nice reflecting and sounding board for deep soul questions relating to money.

Your advice or offerings to each person were unique and thoughtful.

Reserve your spot now! If you can easily pay $20, please do. If you can’t, please pay $10. Thanks!

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Click here to pay $10 and reserve for Monday, 10/17.

Live! Third Episode of Podcast next Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 18, 11:45am Eastern

Join us! Click the button below to receive the link. Listen in for the first 15 minutes, then (after we’ve stopped recording), ask questions or respond to discussion about our topic.

Recap: in our first two episodes, my co-host Tony Smith and I discussed:

  1. what Living Ideas are

  2. what a calling is, the lovely risk of following it & why we resist.

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