Tonight at 6:30pm!

Thursday, December 15, 2022

After rigorous training in Traditional Acupuncture, Sapphyre began riding the waves of entrepreneurship as a newly licensed acupuncturist. As if that weren’t enough (!), her enthusiasm led her to embark on a doctoral program in Oriental Medicine. When I learned this, I was in awe. I love Sapphyre’s wise confidence. I love her self-trust.

  • How was Sapphyre able to hear her own inner guidance so clearly?

  • How was she able to trust it?

  • How has she ridden the waves since she embarked on these waters?

I offer this free holiday event to inspire you as well as celebrate Sapphyre. Join Sapphyre and me live as we discuss trusting our enthusiasm—remembering that en-thusiasm means being “inspired or possessed by a god.” I will try to leave time for your questions, too!

Note: this event will be recorded; I’ll publish the recording in the next newsletter.

How to join? Email me back and I’ll send you the Zoom link! NOTE: You must email me at least 15 minutes before the event. Thanks!

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A quietly powerful guided meditation opens this recording. That’s only one kind of teaching it offers. The second is direct teaching in how to build your money channels. That live teaching is a discussion of the information I give in the blog post supporting the video. Here is the link to all of it. (To get links like this in your inbox as soon as they are published, sign up for my blog on that page.)

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