What’s hard for you about time?

Free Bitch Session this Wednesday

I want to know how you really feel about time. Are you at war with time? Do you like how you use it, or not so much? Got a very specific issue with it? I want to hear your truth.

So much that I’m offering this free coaching session this Wednesday, October 12, from 7-8pm Eastern.

I will listen and learn. And troubleshoot your issues with you on the spot.

Then, stay tuned. I’m doing this session to design new work that meets your real needs—free or inexpensively. I mean classes, videos, or articles on the exact issues you’re having with time.

Count me in!

PS: If you can’t make this meeting, email me what drives you crazy about time, and I will email you with troubleshooting, gratefully. Just reply to this newsletter.