What does money mean to you?

What do you want it to mean?

I’m a certified and deeply experienced money coach. I also love money coaching! Money as Teacher is an easy, enjoyable way to get my best coaching on anything money-related going on in your life—at an exceptionally low cost.

For example, you can use this group to:

  • get real-world advice that doesn’t pit your abundance against your intelligence and integrity

  • ask for guidance with a situation or pattern you have arising with money

  • role-play a conversation you’re afraid to have around money with me as your coach, cheerleader, and ally to build your confidence

  • share challenges you’re having with money without shame or blame and come away with action steps

  • screenshare your business plan, grant proposal, or marketing piece and get my take on it

  • and more!

You are welcome to bring anything money-related to this group. I have probably heard it before! And I welcome it.

People who come have attested they receive growth in their personal and professional lives, abundance, and transformation of their attitudes around money.

We meet on Monday nights at 7pm Eastern.

Our next meeting is this Monday night, October 24.

The cost is either $10 or $20 per session. You choose which amount you would like to pay. Click the appropriate button below to make your payment in that amount.

When you submit payment, I receive an email that tells me to put you on the list for Monday. I’ll then send you a personal note of thanks, and on Monday, I will send you the Zoom link to join the meeting.

It’s that simple. Intentionally. Because I am here to support your growth, abundance and self-directed transformation.

Click to pay $10 for Monday’s Money as Teacher meeting.
Click to pay $20 for Monday’s Money as Teacher meeting.