Winter is coming:

Do you have enough money?

What is enough money?

Money as Teacher is my coaching group for all things money. We coach on everything from enough-ness to economizing.

Your openness + my experienced, caring coaching = authentic, aligned answers you can use.

Come as often as you like! Invite friends to join you.

Money as Teacher is free to first-timers, and $10 or $20 (your choice) thereafter.

I offer Money as Teacher every Monday night at 7pm ET.

Including this coming Monday night, November 7th!

If it’s your first time:

Join me for free by RSVPing to this email.

RSVP & click here to pay $10 if you’ve come before.
RSVP & click here to pay $20 if you’ve come before.


Join me live next Tuesday, 11/8

for the Living Ideas Podcast

from 11:45 to noon Eastern—

then stay after we stop recording

to discuss & ask questions about Calling!

(Free of charge, of course.)

A good conversation can change your life. It evokes ideas that surprise and inspire, that remind you who you really are and tell you how you want to live your life. Ideas of this sort are expressions of our life force and they have an uncanny power. For more than five years, Beth and Tony have had a conversation like this every week. We would like to invite you to join us. It could be one of the best things you ever do for yourself; it has been for us.

Here’s the playlist of previous episodes!

Please send me the Zoom link.

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