September News, Tips and Events!
August was a big month for Unyielding! Lots of new faces have joined us along with some members who were away for military training and I am very excited to have you all with us!  

**Monday September 2nd for Labor Day**
**8 and 9am Class only!!**

Now onto September!  This month will bring along some classic benchmark workouts!  Starting off with "Grace" and then following up with "Fight Gone Bad" soon after! If you have been with us for a while then these are no strangers to you and know what to expect!  We will also be testing our 3RM for the push press, deadlift and front squat in this cycle!

September will continue to highlight at least one “popular” Open skill each week. We’ve noticed a trend of DB work becoming more and more popular in the Open, so expect to be getting very used to the odd objects while still covering down on other Open classes like TTB, MU, Pull-Ups, and...the Thruster. I hate to be the one to tell you this but you will be seeing some variation of the Thruster almost every week. Keep your favorite movements close and keep your least favorite closer ;). Get ready for an amazing month of workouts.
Welcome some new faces!!
We have some amazing new members that joined us in August!!  You have most likely worked out with them already, but be sure to introduce yourselves and tell them how cool the owner is and to bring in more friends.... Haha.  Welcome to the Unyielding Family!!  Starting from the top of this Newsletter, we have Malissa and Chad Smith, Tori and Jason Smith, Holly Thompson, Teri Doepke and Rodney Crosby!  Curtis Woods has also joined us!, but he doesn't like me being a paparazzi! 
Upcoming Birthdays This Month!

Happy Birthday boys and lady!!  

Curtis Woods 9/7
JB 9/8
Stuart Barrow 9/13
Victorie Penn 9/25
Michael Ponicsan 9/26

Coaches Thoughts...
Fantastic job on the squat cycle everyone!!  We saw some sweet new Personal Records!  Now you have the privilege to squat heavier when we do percentage work again!! This month we will shift our focus on the upcoming Open in October! So you may notice some shorter AMRAPS and single arm work.  Don't underestimate the short workouts!  That's when Intensity plays a key role and you will be feeling it for the next few days! The Open always seems to test us on our weaknesses so be sure you are working on them!

As I mentioned above, I will be including skill sessions to our programming, so try not miss out on those days when you see them!  So if you hate those higher skilled movements like muscle ups and HSPU's... come to class!!!  You can only get better by trying the movement!

Joint Competition with Locust Grove
Saturday, September 27th 
9am to 11 or 12 
This will be a little throw down to get your competition blood ready for the Open!
  • Teams will be Chosen at Random
  • Teams of 2
  • ALL names will be thrown into the name drawing, so mixed gym teams are possible!
  • RX and Scaled Division
  • WOD 1: Strength-
    • 10-12 minutes to build up Clean + Hang Cluster + Shoulder 2 Overhead.
  • WOD 2: Chipper-  Will Change some after some testing! But somewhere along the lines of.....
    • Buy In
      30 Cal Row
      30 T2B


      30 Burpees to Plate
      30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
      30 DB thrusters (50/35) (35/25)
      30 power cleans (135/95) (95/65)
      30 DB thrusters 
      30 Box Jump Overs 
      30 Burpees to Plate
  • WOD 3: TBD
Nutrition Challenge!!
This month we are going to start the 800g Challenge!! So I hope you all have your food scale by now!  All the information that you need is below.  I will create a facebook page where we can try to keep each other accountable by sharing recipes, photos, and whatever else!  

Click here---->> FACEBOOK GROUP and join the group!

The extra challenge I will give you is to have some sort of CONTROL over your portions. 

Those of you who have done the RP diet templates are already familiar with how to portion meals and will be ahead of the game!  Do not over eat! its that simple, BUT it's so terribly hard when first starting. Give your body some time to adjust and you be dropping pounds and inches in due time!
The Challenge
  • Eat 800 grams (g) of fruits and/or vegetables (total) a day.
  • No foods are restricted during the challenge but only fruits and vegetables count towards the 800g total.
  • Total calories (and macronutrient grams) are up to the individual based on their fruit and vegetable choices, as well as the other foods in their diet.
The Nitty-Gritty
  • The key is that you can weigh the item as a standalone or unprocessed item. It does not matter if the item is cooked, canned, frozen, or fresh.  
  • Dried fruits/vegetables and juices do not count towards the total.


  • You cannot count fruits or vegetables in processed or packaged foods. Potatoes as potato chips, peas in a chicken pot pie, apples in apple pie, do. not. count.  
  • You can count fruit and vegetables you weigh before making a recipe applied to the serving you consume (i.e., veggies in a chili, ingredients for blending in a smoothie). 
  • Canned items are ok if canned in water and/or spices only, like canned black beans, and you weigh the drained solids. 
  • Refuse (peels, cores, or skins) that are not consumed should not be included. 
  • The expectation is that you weigh and measure at home, work, etc. You can eyeball fruits and vegetables from restaurants (no need to break out the scale for ordering broccoli). We expect you to use a restaurant’s website nutrition information where available (e.g., Chipotle).  Be sure you estimate appropriately: leafy greens do not weigh much (~25g a cup) and most restaurant vegetable portions are often ~75-85 grams.
  • As for the cooking oil, assuming it is a standard light coating, do not worry about the oil contribution and weigh the item cooked.
  • You can cheat any diet or system. Go with the spirit of the challenge and when in doubt, do not count it.
The “Yes/Nos”

Hopefully, we don’t have to list all the existing fruits and vegetables!  You know these. Here are a few exceptions that can be confusing:

  • Avocado: A fruit! Count it.
  • Coconut: A fruit!  Count it if you eat it as the fresh meat.  Liquid (milk and juices) and dried (flakes) coconut products do not count.
  • Corn: As in corn on the cob or whole kernels, count it!  Corn derivatives (i.e., cornmeal, popcorn (derived from dried kernels)) do not count.
  • Fermented/pickled foods (e.g., kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles): Assuming its just vegetables and weighed (relatively) drained, these count. If the brine includes sugar, it does not count.
  • French fries: No. Commercially fried anything is out for the 800g total. Cut up potatoes roasted at home are fair game.
  • Grains (like quinoa or buckwheat) do not count.
  • Legumes (beans) and peas: Except for peanuts, count them!
  • Olives: A fruit! Count them.
  • Nuts: Do not count towards your total.  
  • Tomato derivatives (e.g., salsa, tomato sauce): If the entire ingredient list is vegetables and spices, count it. Most tomato sauces, salsas, etc., however, include water, oil, and/or sugar in the ingredient list, such that they do not count.  

Per above, you can cheat any diet or system.  If you are questioning if something counts, it probably does not.

Mobility/Stability Corner

Ankles... Who has time to mobilize those??  You need to!!!  Want to get better at pretty much every movement we do here at the gym?? Then start mobilizing your ankles.  Take advantage of all the videos I have shared in the newsletters lately.  You will start to notice big changes not only in your range of motion, but also in your recovery time!  

Questions about anything, just reach out to me! 

My number for all the newer members if you do not have it is:


See you all soon!

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