October News, Tips and Events!
We have a few things going on this month!  Starting October 10th, The Open will be starting up again!  If you are new to CrossFit and are not sure what the Open is about then Click on this ==> LINK <== to learn a little more about it!  For the rest of already know what to expect!  We will be performing the Open workouts each Friday over the course of the Open.  Thursdays will be dedicated to active recovery workouts to get the body moving and mobilized so we are all ready to attack the Open Wod on Friday!  I will set up a little competition for anyone that wants to participate! I will write up a separate email and make a post about it with more details!
Take advantage of the small time you have left to work on your weaknesses before or after classes!  Don't throw a tantrum when a movement like the double under or Toe to Bar pops up in the open and all of a sudden you hate life because you have not practiced them!  Think I was speaking to Matt the other day who said he wishes he can just learn how to do everything relatively well, but it's very difficult because CrossFit incorporates so much!!  Yes it does! And believe me!  It took me a good loooong while to finally become, kind of, good at most things we do here!  As long as you keep making yourself practice and practice...I promise things will start to click!  
Joint Competition with Locust Grove
Saturday, September 28th 
9am to 11 or 12 
Teams of 2!  Completely random teams!  3 workouts! RX and Scaled Division!  

Instead, free up a few hours and throw down on a little friendly competition at Crossfit of Locust Grove!  Never competed?? Its totally alright!  The workouts are doable for everyone and its a great opportunity to workout with others outside our gym!  This is a FREE event for both our gym's members!  
The address is: 
108 Park 42 Dr, Locust Grove, GA 30248

If anyone wants to carpool from our gym, just meet up at 8am and we could make our way over there!!

WOD 1: You and your partner build up to a heavy
Clean + Hang Cluster + Shoulder to Overhead
on a 12 minute clock!
30 HRPU (hands touch Wall Ball)
30 Box Jump Overs (24/20)(20/20)
30 Thrusters (95/65)(75/55)
30 Cal Row
30 Power Snatches (95/65)(75/55)
30 Thrusters
30 Box Jump Overs


24/18 Cal Bike
18 Burpees Over Parallette 
12 Toe to Bar/ Sit-ups

Welcome some new faces!!
New member shoutouts from September!  Keep all these people accountable and encourage them to keep coming back!  Please be sure to introduce yourselves when you run into Sonja, Maddy, Austin and Christian!  We also have Mannon, Angelica and Nicole. I just haven't had a chance to snap a picture!!  You will all get your social media spotlight soon! I promise. 
Upcoming Birthdays This Month!

Happy Birthday boys and girls!!  

Angelica Mireles 10/11
Bryan Kirkland 10/19
Blake Stinnett 10/22
Allison Lawler 10/24
Tina Harmon 10/29

Coaches Thoughts...
It's here.... The Open.... twice in one year?! Dear lord, why??  I'm already dreading the thruster workout that is sure to kick my butt like it does every year!  But who knows?? Maybe they won't do a thruster workout this year.  But that's just hopeful thinking since they always throw in thrusters! We have slowly been preparing for this, so just come in like you always do and kick some butt!
Baby Shower and Tacos!

Saturday October 12th @ 10am

Join us for some games, treats, and tacos!  Mom is putting together a Baby Shower for us and would like to invite you all to come be a part of the festivities!  I am in the shadows as to what she has planned for the day, so I can't really give you any information other than that!  

We will have a Taco stand on deck with all the meats and all the fixings!  So if you know you can make it, please just let me know (if you have not added yourself to the google sheet) so we can let them know how much food to bring!  

You can add yourself to the list here! =====> I LOVE TACOS
Just add your name and number of folks coming with you!
Thank You!

I am clocking out early for Halloween!!

Thursday October 31st

3:30 and 4:30 afternoon classes only!!

NO 5:30 and NO 6:30!

Going to take Zae trick-or-treating!! 

Take advantage this month while we hit these Open Workouts and use the ROMWOD room!  Just get with me to get it rolling and take 10-20 minutes to get mobile before or after your workouts!  Are you making the best of your rest days?! I know I am not! Haha.  Incorporate some ROMWOD in your off days if you can make it to the gym!  Can't make it?? Make up your own routine at home for a good 10-20 minutes!  It will keep those pesky injuries at bay before they even think about happening!  Stay Flexy, friends!

Questions about anything, just reach out to me! 

Still haven't put my number in your phones? My number is:


See you all soon!

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