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If you haven't been keeping up with our social media then you might not know, but we are excited to announce that the Teach AI To Anyone Toolkit we have been working on is finally out. Read on for details! 🎉

Before we go any further, we know there has been lots going on because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope these newsletters continue to act as a breath of fresh air for you.  😊 We are all in this together.

🔬 A.I. Research Highlight

With the rise of artificial intelligence oriented apps popping up in the app store, we can't help but want to dive deeper into how they actually work.

An example of these apps that has recently rose to fame is Sway: Magic Dance by Humen Inc., an app that uses "AI-powered motion filters to let you visualize yourself doing amazing dances with just a few taps". The results are surprisingly well done. In the blink of an eye, anyone can gather seamless video footage of themselves nailing complex dance moves.

This app was actually built by one of the co-authors of the Computer Vision paper, "Everybody Dance Now", in which a group of UC Berkeley researchers investigated a way of "do as I do" motion transfer, that synthesized realistic dance moves from an original source video.

The entirety of their research is documented here.

Can we remove the need for stunt doubles in the film industry?  Can anyone become a TikTok star with the help of this app? The compelling results from their research nails the element of delight. But what else can this research be applied to?

🚀 A.I. For Anyone Updates

Our team at A.I. For Anyone is excited to announce the release of the Teach AI To Anyone Toolkit—a collection of free resources and tools that enable educators to teach the fundamentals of AI.

Help us make the future of AI as inclusive as possible!

Get the TAI2A Toolkit here:


🍳 Fresh from the A.I. Oven 

A̶u̶t̶o̶n̶o̶m̶o̶u̶s̶ ̶C̶a̶r̶s̶
The Mayflower Autonomous Ship

IBM and Promare — a U.K.-based marine research and exploration charity will be trailing their prototype of an autonomous ship, set to take on the original Mayflower voyage.

Learn more here.
Vatican AI Ethics
"The Vatican signed an ethical resolution on the use of artificial intelligence, co-signed by IBM and Microsoft."

Learn more here.
Improve Ultrasound Imaging
Bahareh Behboodi, PhD candidate in Concordia’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, aims to make tumor detection and segmentation faster and more accurate.

Learn more here. 
Free Virtual Events
Given the state of the world, we will now be sharing virtual/online events! -Free Webinar: Exploring the Adoption of Python in the Workplace on March 26 at 12pm EST - Collection of livestreaming webinars (past and future)

Free Learning Resources
Each week, we will introduce you to various free or open-source learning resources. Free Udemy Intro to Pandas course - Mode SQL Tutorial - Learn Python from Scratch - Great site full of free Deep Learning and Computer Vision courses and tutorials!

"Alexa, tell me a joke."

If you would like your work or research with AI to be featured on upcoming issues of our newsletter, send us an email at

We hope you enjoy the Teach AI To Anyone Toolkit as much as we enjoyed creating it. Feel free to share the resource with your network, or reach out if you have any comments of questions!

Most importantly, stay safe and healthy. Check in with your friends and family! ❤️

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