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Classics Pulped
At my rare book firm Type Punch Matrix, we just issued a catalogue called Classics Pulped -- featuring more than twenty classic first editions paired with their pulp counterparts. Sometimes humorous, sometimes surprising, sometimes inappropriate, these contrasts show there are many ways to collect.
The Black Bibliography Project
First edition of Their Eyes Were Watching God
Last month I attended a conference on the Black Bibliography Project, which aims to create a massive, interlinked reference tool for Black book history. I loved seeing examples of how this project allows connections to be made across space and time -- for example, how Zora Neale Hurston inscribed two different copies of Their Eyes Were Watching God to friends with the same joke about being in God's band (one as a trumpeter and the other playing trombone). Keep an eye on this fantastic project.
Bookish Links
61 Translations of Things Fall Apart
Achebe Translation Covers
Brittle Paper has put together a tour of 61 different translations of Achebe's masterwork. I would love to see this collection in person. In an intriguing postscript, they note: "We hear there is indeed an Igbo translation of Things Fall Apart. But it seems, as of today, that it does not yet exist in book form." 
"Le Guin's Subversive Imagination"
Cover of Le Guin's book The Farthest Shore
“...the true reason for the animus against fantasy and science fiction: it threatened the status quo.” — Michael Chabon, in a moving and perceptive essay on Le Guin’s contribution to American letters. 

“Le Guin did it the hard way. For decades she consistently produced masterpieces, works of immense thematic, stylistic, structural, conceptual, and psychological sophistication and depth [...] that were also avowedly and unashamedly works of fantasy and science fiction.” In the Paris Review.
Both a Classic and a Shilling Shocker
As one who regularly evangelizes for "The Great God Pan," I must report that the Paris Review has an excerpt from Aaron's Worth's introduction to the recent Arthur Machen collection, The Great God Pan and Other Horror Stories. Well worth reading for fans of horror and the gothic, it gives an updated appraisal of Machen's contributions to those genres. 
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