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Not All Who Wander Are Lost
The Lilly Library Twitter account had some excellent words for the New Yorker headline describing the recent publication of a new Sylvia Plath story as "lost." In subsequent tweets, the Lilly's own Rebecca Baumann deftly navigated the line between pointing out erasures of the labor involved in libraries and archives, while encouraging researchers to continue looking for real discoveries.
Lilly Library tweets
Rebecca Baumann tweets
Interview with Honey & Wax at the Curious Objects Podcast
Curious Objects Podcast
In December, Heather O'Donnell and I sat down with Benjamin Miller to talk about changing trends in collecting, our love of books that are "high-spot adjacent," and the first speech given by an African American to Congress.

Read the transcript or listen to the episode here
Creative Digital Approaches to Making Books and Archives Accessible
Nicholas Rougeux has designed an interactive online facsimile of Byrne's Euclid (perhaps the most beautiful edition of this core text ever printed). 

Carni Klirs created "Visualizing the History of Fugazi," which transforms a variety of documents into a brilliant overview of the band's story. 
Video Games and the Archives
Game Boy
Lewis Gordon writes for the AV Club on the long-term archival complications of corporations like Sony and Nintendo guarding their canonical games, with the result that B-titles may simply disappear -- not legally playable, and quite possibly not preserved.

Book friends: these are texts. I for one believe strongly that early video games and source codes should be aggressively archived: historians are going to want them in 50 years.
Bookish Links
"Queering Hogwarts"
I enjoyed this post by Jessica Needham at on the new queer iterations of the Wizarding School novel. It provides some recommendations that take the Harry Potter trend into more inclusive stories.
Best of 2018
Hyakunin Isshu
I wrote about ten of my favorite sales at Honey & Wax Booksellers in 2018. Among them:
  • A Leaf from the Gutenberg Bible
  • A 19th-century Japanese card game based on a canonical collection of classical poetry
  • A 17th-century scientific work describing submarines and flight
  • A placard from the Civil Rights march days after MLK's assassination 
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