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Friday, October 16, 2020
Issue #173

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Squats And Such

Photo by madison lavern on Unsplash
So I assume everyone is as excited about ski season as me? Probably not, but in case you are, you should be adjusting your workout routines to focus on those quads, hip flexors and gluteus maximus. Lucky for us, Christa Burkett has us covered with an excellent daily ski workout, with videos included. Read - 8 min. For you snowboarders, here is a similar daily routine. Read - 4 min

Rad "Used" Gear

Photo by Andrew Ly on Unsplash
REI Introduces Gear Trade-In: This is amazing on so many levels, but affordability and sustainability are the two important ones. We need to shift from a traditional, linear model to a circular model where people share, resell, repair and recycle gear to keep it out of landfills. It also makes recreating in the outdoors more affordable and accessible for everyone. That's what we're about at MTN LUV, helping to create a world where people can play more, waste less, and do better. Read - 2 min

Outside News:

Two New Rad Trailers: And when I say rad (which I never say), I mean... I can't wait to start skiing. Not that I will be doing double back flips over a bus... "Made In Voyage" trailer Watch - 1 min, or (hopefully) requiring "21 stitches" anytime soon... Burton's "One World" trailer Watch - 1 min

No Star Tuesdays: I like this idea of ignoring the ratings. We've hiked many trails that were rated a 4 or 5 on Alltrails and we thought they were a 2. "When you go into something thinking it will be a five-star experience, are you setting yourself up for disappointment?"  Read - 4 min

Electric Off-Roading/Overlanding: Soon, we will trade our Jeep in for a fully electric off-roader...maybe solar-powered because there are no plugins in the wild?... so, maybe not soon. Watch - 15 min (its really not that long if you like car videos and there is some stunning scenery)

Laps Around The Canyon: They say 85 is the new 40. We were hiking Pinto Mountain this year and an 85-year old dude was almost keeping up with us...his secret was to "never stop moving". #lifegoals Check out Dale Sanders lapping of the Grand Canyon. Read - 12 min

Deer Diary: This one is a tear-jerker. Kayaker saves deer. Watch - 4 min

Greening The Asphalt Jungle: Learning outdoors — and learning about the outdoors — are the central goal of Greening Schoolyards. Read - 4 min

RIP George Atiyeh, Oregon Activist: I like the way this guy thought outside the box: "By digging up enough rock from the old mining tunnels in the Flats, Atiyeh could theoretically get a permit for the land under the General Mining Law of 1872, blocking any claims by the Forest Service using the very law that permitted exploitation of the land in the first place" Read - 6 min

Live From The Wild

Village In The Bernese Alps, @grindelwaldfirst
Grindelwald, Switzerland
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