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Monday, October 26, 2020
Issue #179

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You Burn More Calories with Trekking Poles

I don't want to ruin your Monday morning by immediately diving into the most controversial debate in the outdoors, pole or not to pole? I generally use one pole and from what I can infer, that's probably the worst thing to do. I'll skip to the end to break the suspense: Trekking poles decrease lower extremity loading and forces but increase cardiovascular demand. When carrying a large external load, trekking poles may offer benefits by decreasing lower extremity muscle activity and increasing balance and stability. If you are super detailed like me, you can read the scientific paper here, otherwise, get a decent summary and commentary here: Read - 4 min

Vintage Gear

Photo by Haupes Co. on Unsplash
This Brooklyn couple is running a retro gear shop out of their basement. Over the past decade, they've periodically RV’ed around the country, visiting national parks and scouring flea markets and vintage shops — plus online vendors — to gather a one-of-a-kind horde of outerwear. Read - 2 min
I generally have a more modern taste but I know vintage is very trendy, which could be a good thing. This post is less about the cool vintage shop and more about the sustainability angle.  My opinion is that buying new gear—even if that new product appears to be made sustainably—has the biggest impact on the environment, compared to prolonging the life of what you already own or buying some vintage gear. Direct parallels to the fashion industry.

Rad Gear: Solar Coffee

Photo by xandro Vandewalle on Unsplash
Close your eyes and think about waking up in the backcountry. It's a little chilly, so you pull on your fleece pants. Do you smell the pine and the smoke from the morning campfire? Are you now craving that morning cup of coffee? Dreaming of wrapping your chilly hands around that tiny collapsible mug you carry in your ultralight kit? Well then, this solution probably isn't ready to replace your current backcountry coffee solution, since the carry case seems quite large, but it might be good for car camping. Check out GoSun’s latest Kickstarter campaign for a solar off-grid coffee maker. We are big coffee lovers here at GoSun. Before this invention, brewing that precious cup of morning coffee was impossible without gas or fire. Interesting press release here: Read - 3 min

Outdoor News and Info:

Missing Mom Part 3 - As I said last week, I knew there was something fishy about the 2-week wilderness survival story. Local Sheriff now questions account of how missing hiker survived for two weeks with no water. Read - 2 min

Prepping The Mountain: We are watching with bated breath as the crews here at Panorama prepare for the upcoming season. This story, courtesy of the Lake Louise team, is a re-post from last year but it is a great behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to keep a mountain running all year round. Read - 4 min. Also, first ski resort in the United States opens for the ski season here.

Plastic Clothing: Big high-five for buying that fleece made from reclaimed water bottles. On the surface, this seems like a perfect solution — removing plastic that is currently polluting the earth, and transform it into something useful. However, it turns out it's a bit more complicated than that. Read - 5 min

Hiking Trailer?: I don't think this one is for me, but apparently using a Hiking Trailer can prevent hiking injuries like back pain, knee injuries and shoulder fatigue. Wouldn't you be limited in the terrain? Watch and find out. Watch - 1 min

Outdoor Tech: Innovative apps and devices are empowering people to get active during the pandemic. Read - 4 min

My Quick Takes:
Yakima 'EXO System' turns your car into a truck. Read - 4 min
Friday marked 9- year old Carter Doorley's 150 days in a row surfing. Read - 2 min
Unexpected Avalanche. Watch - 30 secs
Climbers Speaking Up About Eating Disorders. Listen - 24 min

Lunch Break Videos:
TRAILER: Absinthe Films' 2020 Snowboard Film "Channel ZeRO" Watch - 2 min
Kids, sleds and avalanches do not go together. Watch - 1 min
Another "drone spots shark over a boater" video. Watch - 1 min
Vertical Ice: The Spirit of Guy Lacelle (Ice Climbing Documentary) Watch - 17 min

Live From The Wild

Leprechaun Island @landscapesnature2020
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