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Thursday, October 15, 2020
Issue #172

To pay homage to our original founder (@sneddymobbin) and all the groundbreaking work he did with The Daily Thread, we added the Issue # in the header. We are only 8 issues young and still learning the ropes, so I hope you will stick with us. 

- Kirsten

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The Iceman Cometh

Photo by Jared Erondu on Unsplash
This Outside essay reminded me of an original article that Ryan published in the summer about the benefits of cold showers Read - 3 min. The essay is a 20 min read, which is probably why they included an audio listen option. Wim Hof is a widely admired counterculture hero. "His message that most of our self-limiting beliefs are wrong, and that we’re capable of far more than we think, has resonated." Hof says his feats are powered by a simple routine of breathing exercises, cold exposure, and mental focus, known as the Wim Hof Method. Read - 20 min

Cowboy Camping

Me setting up camp at Lake of the Hanging Glacier this past August. 
Howard Shapiro asks the question: To tent or not to tent? (Shakespeare?) My answer is always to bring a frigg'n tent. I will carry the extra 4 lbs in order to have 1/32 of an inch of nylon barrier between me and the bears. I know it's just a psychological barrier, but if I can't see the bear, then it ain't there ;). Read - 2 min Also, if you must, 5 smart steps to lightening up your backpacking load. Read - 8 min

Outside News:

Night Surfing: No thanks! Besides the fact that I'm a mountain girl who only occasionally makes it to the beach... you can't see the sharks at night and don't try to tell me they're sleeping! Watch - 2 min

Terrifying Stalker: It would have been hard to miss this one, it was all over the news. I think the guy handled it fairly well. What do you think? Read - 3 min and/or Watch 6 - min

Virtual Avalanche Training: My fear of avalanches ranks a bit behind peeing in the woods but in front of a tsunami (only because the likelihood of a tsunami in the mountains is zero to nil). Not sure this online course could replace the live version, but it is something outdoorsy to do at home. "Remove the guesswork, replace it with knowable knowns, and enjoy the best days of your life in powder." Read - 1 min

Discrimination And The Outdoors: The Outbound Collective announced its comprehensive plan to build a better, more inclusive online home for the modern outdoor industry. Read - 7 min Also, asks: Have you ever encountered a [climbing] route name that you consider to be racist, sexist, discriminatory, or otherwise offensive? Read - 1 min

MEC Sale Going Forward: As noted in our earlier article here, the Canadian version of REI is being sold off to a private equity firm and our Canadian peeps are up in arms about it. Read - 2 min

Climate Stuff: Greta Thunberg Endorses Joe Biden for President. Read - 1 min. And since we're at it, the top ten climate change myths and how to debunk them. Read - 6 min

Live From The Wild

I miss the reds of my east coast childhood, only yellow out west 
Muskoka, Ontario, Canada
How Did We Do Today? 
Mega Fist Bump
Smelly Troll
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