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Thursday, October 22, 2020
Issue #177


- Kirsten

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"The Quiet Revolution"

To be honest, the "vehicle" posts aren't my favourite, but I know my husband loves them and I want to appeal to everyone. Plus, I support the idea of electric vehicles and I love off-roading/overlanding to amazing untouched places. However, this one seems a bit too good to be true. A fully electric Hummer that has a 402 km (350 miles) range and full off-road capabilities (crab walk? for real?) with a removal top like our Jeep... okay, I'm impressed, but I noticed that they never mentioned the price... Read 6 - min and then watch the scenery (and the crab walk!) in the promo video Watch - 5 min.

RAD Gear: Capture Camera Clip

For those who don't know Peak Design, they are an innovativesustainable and adventure-focused gear company that builds accessories for cameras. They recently launched a new phone accessory campaign on Kickstarter, but we want to talk about their most innovative product, the Capture Camera Clip. If you carry a DSLR or mirrorless sized camera into the wild with you, as I do, you need this clip. It changed my hiking life and it will change yours. Check out how it works in this video. Buy

Outside News:

Covid Winter: Ski resorts are going to look a little different this year so why not focus on other outdoor adventures. This article is specific to Colorado, but winter hiking, snowshoeing and XC Skiing is everywhere. Read - 3 min

Green Apps: A few apps that will improve the environment and thus, our outdoor lifestyles. These are untested on our end, so use at your own risk (risk of feeling good about yourself). Read - 1 min No links in the article so I have included them here for IOS only. ForestLitteratiSeafood WatchRecycleNationAnimal Help Now!

Covid Impacts: A new study by Strava and Stanford University summarizing the pandemic’s impacts on professional athletes showed (no surprise) that 1 in 5 athletes reported difficulty exercising related to mental health, motivation, and COVID-19.  Read - 3 min. Never mind professional athletes, we're all feeling the day-to-day impacts of Covid, so slip this into your daily routine to combat some stress.

Environmental Injustice In The US: Elizabeth Warren says "Our crisis of environmental injustice is the result of decades of discrimination and environmental racism compounding in communities that have been overlooked for too long". Read - 4 min

Lunch Break Video:
‘The Other Side of Fear’ Is a Must-Watch Film About a Journey Back From the Brink. Trailer - 2 min or Watch - 57 min

Daily Commute Podcast:
The Dirtbag Diaries: What Unites Us - Kareemah Batts shares what it’s like to Climb The Hill on behalf of public lands and the outdoor community. Listen - 36 min. Download on Itunes.

Live From The Wild

Zero Gravity Free Solo @outdooryetis
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