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Photo by Hans Veth on Unsplash

Trail Cameras Reveal Wildlife Secrets

So who gets freaked out solo hiking? Just me? I was on the trail alone a few weeks ago, lots of snow, very steep and kept getting the old "who is watching me" feeling. My fluffy summer-time companion, the black bear, was supposed to be snug as a bug for the long cold nap. By process of elimination, that left large cats (or perhaps wolves, but we don't hear them at night)...don't get me wrong, I'm a cat lover but only up to 8 pounds. Now, after reading this article, I am more freaked big cat spray a thing (like, you know, bear spray :)) Viv, the resident trail camera enthusiast in this article has a fascinating job and we thank her for all the amazing photos. Check out this post on Viv's Instagram where she compares the size of a deer and a wolf. (3 min read)
Source: Go Outside Blog

Gifts Every Hiker REALLY Wants

I will break the suspense right off the bat...the gift is a multitool. Maybe I'm being genderish, and hopefully Greg is reading this one, but that's not what I want. We already have 4 of them kicking around in the garage. Anyway, for those who are interested: 6 different types of hikers are identified in this article (don't miss the hilarious descriptors used to identify them) and the multitool that would apply to each. Who knew there were so many different types of multi-tools?! The ones in our garage all look the same to me.  (2 min read)
Source: Backpacker

Outdoor News and Info:

Outdoor Utensil Confusion

I included this post because of the excellent way it's presented, but I won't give it away, you have to click through. Here I thought the spork was an innovation...I guess I'm not on the "cutting edge" of outdoor cutlery ;). (1 min read)
Source: Semi-Rad

5 Tips on Getting Children Interested in the Outdoors

Personal service announcement...listicles don't always work...shocker, I know. In general, these are some great tips for parents of young kids to ensure the family can enjoy outdoor adventures for years to come. I personally used most of these as the kids were growing. We skied every weekend in the winters, we hiked and biked in the summers, but my kids are now teenagers and they could care less about the outdoors. They prefer the virtual outdoors in games like Fortnite over the skiing run right outside their window. You have been listically warned.  (3 min read)
Source: 100 Peaks

YETI Recall

Everyone s-l-o-w-l-y put down your mugs, whew that was close. Apparently, some mugs are a burning, not my YETI, it's my favorite mug to drink a Caesar out of in the hot tub after a hike or a ski...too specific? BTW the Caesar is the Canadian version of the Bloody Mary, except for one difference, it's actually good. Click through to find out if your mug has been recalled and stay safe out there. (1 min read)
Source: Gear Junkie

SheJumps Alpine Development School

I know it's hard, but let's try and be serious for just one post. Is it a real surprise that 75% of backcountry skiers are men? The only good part of that statistic is that only 7% of backcountry fatalities are women...probably because, from my experience, women are more cautious and safety-minded...anyway, that's my are here for my opinion, aren't you? The SheJumps program is an outdoor skills program empowering women and girls—and offers an entry-point to mountain sports for women and girls who otherwise would have little access. Of course this year, like everything else, the outdoors must come indoors so they offer the "virtual Alpine Development School". (4 min read)
Source: Gear Trade

Left-Over Links

How should I spend $1,000 to stop climate change?
The real-life Jungle Book (tweet)
9,000-Year-Old Female Big-Game Hunter Found in the Andes

Gear Reviews

The Best Kids’ Winter Gear of 2021
The Best Tire Chains
The Best Gifts for Runners

Used Gear Deals From The Wild

Osprey Kyte 46L Pack (44% off)
Smith Founder Chromopop Sunglasses Polarized (65% off)
Men's Arct'teryx Gortex Sphene Jacket (47% off) - Red, M

Lunch Break Videos

I don't want to give this one away, but it's a TikTok with snow, water and a jump...all fun reasons to click. (10 sec)

Surfing big wave

A Mindtrip Through Europe OFFICIAL TRAILER
15 athletes, 8 disciplines, 7 countries (2 min)

Live From The Wild

Bivacco Ferrario (Ferarrio bivouac) @ale_ne_an
Cima Grigna Meridionale (Southern Grigna summit), Italy
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