Ah ha...caught in a web of lies and possibly some Kickstarter fraud to the tune of $17,000! I think the whole family is in on it.
Issue 184 - The One With The U.S. Election Coverage
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Monday, November 2, 2020
Issue #184

Hope you all had a great and chocolatey weekend! The newsletter might look a tad different today, as we are using some newer (faster and cheaper) technology. If there are any major malfunctions in the look, reply to this email and let me know.

We will have the name of the winner of the $30 Patagonia gift card for October referrals tomorrow. A new giveaway for November starts today and we have increased the gift card to $50.

My feeds are filled with U.S. "outdoor issue" election coverage these days and it's obviously very biased. Our stance is that saving and enhancing the outdoors and the environment should be a non-partisan issue.

- Kirsten

PS: We skied this weekend at Lake Louise... now we can say we skied in October... boom!

PPS: The links are on the article title now, not on the Read - x min

How To Vote For The Outdoors This Year
Oh, to travel again...wouldn't that be nice. This covid lockdown has given us all time to update our travel lists and, for us here at TDT, many of these amazing places are in the U.S. We're hoping they'll still be amazing in 2022, when we can come to visit our friendly neighbors again. If you are someone who cares about being outside, like us, this year's election is crucial for the protection of recreational landscapes. (9 min read)
Source: Outside Magazine
Climate Change Is Motivating The Country’s Youngest Voters To Turn Out
This is the part that's really exciting... more trees, protected places and funding for parks! For the bulk of the Generation Z cohort, this election will be the first time we hear their voices. They are issue-focused and experience-driven, which gets me excited about the future of the outdoors.  "Young climate voters are turning out in large numbers, propelled by fears about the fate of the planet." (4 min read)
Source:  The Washington Post
Photo: Photo by
Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Outdoor News and Info

Ah ha...caught in a web of lies and, possibly, some Kickstarter fraud to the tune of $17,000! I think the whole family is in on it. If I had time, I would hack into the Salt Lake bank and check this out. Anything for my TDT readers, but alas, no time, must write. (2 min read)
Source: The Salt Lake Tribune
This is crazy: The Almanac has been making snow forecasts for 228 years and has a record of 80 percent accuracy. More importantly, they are saying that the 2020-2021 winter will be a good one, with above-normal snowfall in the Rockies... that's all I need to know. (3 min read) 
Source: POWDER Magazine
Wolves are an important part of the ecosystem and super cool to watch, especially when they are playing with bears (from TDT Issue 178). Hunters and ranchers celebrate while conservationists say wolves will be hunted to extinction. (2 min read)
Source: The Washington Post

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Lunch Break Videos

Octopus Boys is the 4th instalment in Wasted Youth's attempt to make a snowboard movie. (16 min video)
The best footage from this week's massive XXL swells in Nazaré and epic rides from Lucas Chumbo, Kai Lenny and more. (A collection of Instagram surfing videos)
Leaving Santiago Chile, to cross the Andes mountains by motorcycle gives way to breathtaking footage and dramatic scenery.  (16 min video)

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Live From The Wild
Skiing On Halloween - @mtn.luv
Lake Louise, Alberta

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