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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

- Kirsten

Plant-Based Skis?

Photo by Kipras Štreimikis on Unsplash
The ski wiki is fascinating; did you know that the word ski basically means 'split firewood' in old Norwegian speak? It wasn't until the 1950's that ski design started to move away from wood to other materials, such as aluminum, and then plastic and fibreglass in the 1970's. With all the bad press that plastic is getting these days, it's no wonder a ski company called WNDR (pronounced 'Wonder', see how I did that?) is producing plastic skis made from algae rather than petroleum. Read - 2 min

Rad Gear: The LNT Buff

I don't think I need to tell you much about the Buff, right? I mean everyone already has 3 of them, don't they? For those of you not experienced, the Buff is like a multi-tool. It easily transforms from a makeshift Covid mask to a skull cap with the flick of your wrist. Buff has joined forces with an amazing organization, to create a super Buff. Let me introduce you to the Leave-No-Trace Buff. Get

Referral Program

We've been playing around with a referral program and have landed on a monthly giveaway. We had introduced an Ambassador program earlier this week, but the feedback was "that's too frigg'n complicated". So we pivoted. Just refer one partner, friend, family member, or co-worker and you will be entered into the monthly draw for MTN LUV swag. The more referrals, the better chance of winning. For the next couple of months the winner will receive a cool winter hat, sometimes referred to as a beanie or a toque (it's a Canadian thing).

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Outside News

Outdoor stuff worth sharing:

Everesting: "the goal of running, cycling, or walking the equivalent vertical gain of 29,029 feet (elevation of Mt. Everest)". Cyclist Sean Gardner set a new Everesting world record. Read - 1 min

Long Play: Rickey Gates ran 3,700 miles across the US in 2016 to experience the country during arguably its most divisive election ever. Read - 2 min and Watch - 75 min

Inspiration and Camping: When people think of camping they usually imagine mountains and rivers, but many youths in urban areas don’t see the greater outdoors as a place for them... let's all work to change that. Read - 8 min

Outdoor Animals: This one is for all the animal lovers in the community (I know there are a lot of you): Award-winning, and funny animal photos. The sea turtle is definitely my favorite! Who knew they had fingers?! Read - 3 min

More Bears: You know I love my bear stories and bear season is coming to a close, so maybe just one more story for you. Simple tips for getting black bears to leave you alone. Read - 3 min

Climate Alert: A new poll suggests that only 18 percent of Americans are now dismissive about the science of climate change. More than half (54 percent) think the opposite, falling into the “alarmed” or “concerned” categories. Read - 3 min

SUP Surfing: I enjoy a good SUP on a flatwater we have to take everything to the extreme? Read - 1 min and Watch - 6 min

Live From The Wild

Small peeps in big firey hole @outdoorphotomag
Somewhere in the wild
"Hey, Over Here" @norgestoppen
Himakånå Rock Formation, Norway
Looks can be deceiving: Sometimes called ‘Little Trolltunga",
it's only a modest 357 m above sea level and a fairly easy hike.

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