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Title V Newsletter

Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI) Grant: Transfer Pathways

March 2022

Are you looking for extra credit opportunities for your students?  Check out the Pláticas recordings on our Cabrillo 2+2 CSUMB webpage.  Each event highlighted a transfer pathway, CSUMB transfer student speakers, and a career speaker.

This month our Pláticas event is in collaboration with Career Services.  If your students are interested in hearing from Entrepreneurship and Business professionals talk about their path to career success, encourage them to register!

Register Here
         Ganas Staff Highlight with Daisy Gutierrez-Huerta 
Hi! My name is Daisy Gutierrez, and I am the new Ganas Re-entry Mentor. My job is to support returning students during their journey back at Cabrillo College. If you have any family members or friends who could benefit, send them my way! I was born and raised in Watsonville, California. I am a Cabrillo Alumni, and I am currently a student of CSUMB. I participated in the Cabrillo 2+2 CSUMB program and became a peer mentor. The 2+2 program gave me the support I needed to feel confident in my abilities to prosper and graduate. As a student, I was guided on how to handle the hurdles that college life threw at me. I felt more confident that I could transfer with my team backing me up. As a student assistant/peer mentor, I learned how to develop my professional skills by using Google suites efficiently, practicing resume writing, and getting the job I wanted. At CSUMB, I am a Business major with a concentration in Business Management, and I am on the path to graduating in two years.  Please feel free to contact me at I am always happy to share my experience if it helps others with their transfer journey!

Encourage your students to join the March Ganas Workshop!

We love our CSUMB partnership! The Transfer Student Success Center is holding a LinkedIn Workshop for students in March – encourage your students to attend and build their online networking skills.

Title V Staff Highlight with Debbie Partida

My name is Debbie Partida. I am the new Administrative Assistant for Title V.  I have worked in education for many years, starting out as a Preschool teacher.  I worked at a School District as an Administrative Assistant for The Child Development Department and eventually transferred to an Elementary School in the same district working with grades K-5.  I am very excited to work in this department, with a new age group of students.  I'm looking forward to helping support students and staff in whatever way I can.  I’m hoping to see some of the children, now  young adults that I worked with over the years here at Cabrillo!

Want to learn more about Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs) and the goal of Title V grants? Check out this 30 minute Lumina Podcast featuring three panelists speak about the importance of Hispanic Serving Institutions. 


BD Book Club Update!

Greetings! Here’s the latest update from The Business Department Book Club

We successfully presented our Spring 2022 first Flex Week workshop “Learning Goes hand in hand with Emotions.”  We had such a great turnout that we are excited to share our workshop takeaways with our readers this month.

We successfully presented our Spring 2022 first Flex Week workshop “Learning Goes hand in hand with Emotions.”  We had such a great turnout that we are excited to share our workshop takeaways with our readers this month:

PROMOTING MORE INCLUSIVENESS: A) Talk about engagement in your syllabus and in the lectures, as an important part of the course, everyone is welcome to share their input and is encouraged to contribute, B) Encourage everyone to join the discussion group for credit! This seems to work wonders for students, because they get credit for posting a comment and C) Incorporate a more personal touch on your syllabus, not only with photos or message banners, but also describing your additional availability if the students need to reach out to you.  

FOCUS ON DEVELOPING STUDENT AGENCY: A) Convey to students that “they matter” and “they can” through encouraging words, invitations to talk, applause for small accomplishments, accountability, and reaching out at unexpected moments, B) Encourage students to find their voice: in-class discussions, in personal writing, on issues they care about and C) Inspire students to grow into something bigger - to be the first in their family to go to college, to become mentors to other students, to turn their own narratives of struggle into stories of agency and resilience that will benefit others.

ENCOURAGING FACULTY TO REVISIT THEIR SYLLABUS AND IMPLEMENT PRACTICES THROUGH LENS OF INCLUSION, EQUITY AND JUSTICE: A) Students and Instructor expectations- consider how might the language in the syllabus unintentionally convey power and authority, B) Readings and Course materials- discuss your intentional choice of included readings, honoring and recognizing BIPOC scholars (Black, Indigenous, and other people of color) and C) Assignments and Grading- consider implementing practices that embodies growth mindset approach in grading and policies (such as drop lowest, revise and resubmit, low stakes engagement etc.)

These topics and more, we read about, reflect and share with other faculty members. You are welcome to join us- Our zoom meetings are Tuesdays at 7.00 pm Via Zoom. Please contact us!!

Luz R. Hoyt
Cynthia Mathiesen
Silvina Leroux



The Latino Role Models Conference is March 12th!

Register Here
Register Here
 For more information about our Title V Transfer Pathways grant, check out our webpage!
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