Towards the end of July the NDP team met with the Parish Council in the presence of two representatives from Cornwall Council, to discuss the emerging Draft Plan and agree the version that would formally be presented to Cornwall Council for preliminary assessment - a so-called screening process. The joint meeting was very productive, the presence of Cornwall Council’s representatives extremely helpful, many interesting points were raised and debated, and as a result revisions were included with the approval of both the Parish Council and the NDP team.

Then, at the beginning of August this version was sent to Cornwall Council who will review it over the coming weeks and doubtless come back to us with a variety of comments that we will take into consideration as we refine the Plan ready for its formal consultation stage.

Remember, this Plan is based on all the feedback the parishioners have given us since the beginning of the NDP process two years ago, starting with the big response to the questionnaire as well as all the comments given to us at the 2017 and 2018 Mawnan Fun Runs and at various Farmers’ Markets.  The proposed policies contained in the draft Plan reflect what you have said to us.

The draft Plan, as submitted to Cornwall Council, is available
here for you to read online, or download to your computer to study at your leisure.  It is a substantial document of some 80 pages, contains a lot of background information and in the second half sets out the Policies which are the main focus of a development plan.  These are the Policies that were outlined in very preliminary form to members of the public who were able to attend our last meeting in the Bowling Club.  

It is very important that as many of you as possible have the opportunity to comment on this draft Plan. The independent inspector who will be appointed in due course to assess whether the final Plan can be put to you for acceptance at a referendum will want to be assured that not only have residents of the parish being given the chance to read the Plan, but that they have engaged with it and made their opinions and comments known, for example by emailing us at So, in addition to making the draft Plan available to you online, we are doing the following:
  • Copies have been placed in the Red Lion pub for you to read over a drink in a relaxing atmosphere.  If you can’t see a copy in the newspaper rack, just ask the staff who also keep a copy behind the bar.
  • We will have a gazebo at Run Mawnan on Sunday 22 September where we can show you, and explain, the key policies in the Plan.  It’s a great opportunity to comment on what you have seen and heard whilst you wait for the runners to return.
  • Then an explanatory exhibition will be held in the Methodist Chapel hall on Friday September 27 and Saturday 28th, with members of the NDP there to answer your questions, to clarify any issues you raise, and importantly to record your comments.  It will benefit the NDP greatly if you can take advantage of this opportunity and we look forward to seeing you.


An article in The Times on July 20 claimed that research by the London School of Economics found that bans on the sale of new homes to second-home owners had backfired, causing hurt to the local economies and even made it harder for residents to get on the housing ladder.  The LSE said that bans damage local construction and tourism industries and push up the prices for older homes on the market.  The Times reported that Land Registry figures showed that in St Ives prices in the new-build market had fallen 13 percent in response to the ban, but price growth for existing homes had accelerated by 7.7 percent.  Interestingly, the report also said that this effect is not uniform everywhere, and that in Switzerland the situation was the reverse where the price of primary residences had fallen after the introduction of such policies.  In Mawnan this was not raised with the NDP as a major issue, and as a result no such policy is included in the Plan put thus far to Cornwall Council. This story was also picked up by the BBC in a recent edition of Spotlight, its South West section at the end of the main news programme.
Minutes available online:
Latest minutes available online at
Survey results available online.

You can now view and download the NDP survey results in pdf format here.


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Acting on behalf of Mawnan Parish Council, the NDP Steering Group is charged with the widest possible consultation with parish residents on the plan they produce. Therefore, we maintain contact records from public events and meetings to demonstrate contact and to help us organise our business.  This data will be held securely and confidentially in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, will not be shared with third parties except where we use a bulk mail service such as MailChimp, and will be used to inform you of NDP progress and related matters of interest.  The data will be destroyed on completion of the NDP process.  Your rights to privacy are set out in our Data Privacy Notice which can be accessed via the website at  If you have any concerns about our data holdings please contact the Data Controller whose details are given in the Privacy Notice.
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